Theme-A-Day Blog Journal - Day 9

Today's Prompt - My Wedding

We planned our wedding in approximately 2 months time.  We picked 7.2.05 as our wedding date, mostly because July 4th landed on Monday that year, so that meant a long weekend.  And since we were only 20 and both in new jobs we didn't have time to take extra days off.  We decided to have the ceremony and reception at the same place.  Our colors were light purple and yellow.  We went to a local balloon business and they made this pretty awesome balloon canopy that we stood under to get married and also became the dance floor.  The meal we picked out buffet style was a hot turkey meal (pretty much, as if it were Thanksgiving) and we sipped some sparkling juice since we weren't 21 yet.  Lols - although I remember my mom getting me some drinks afterwards.  We'll be celebrating 5 years this year, and I'm hoping at the 10 year mark to renew our vows and I would love to get a wedding gown.  I didn't go through any of that traditional stuff the first time around and we've always said that we'll do it all again some time down the road.

The Hubs and me after the wedding ceremony. 

Being introduced at the reception.

Cutting our yummy cake.  The Hubs was nice to me, but I did get his nose with some icing.

Garter time!

Our decorated ride after the reception.


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