March for Babies

So, I have been on the hunt for some kind of organization that is local dealing with pregnancy & infant loss. The reason being that pregnancy loss is a very close issue to me and I have a dear friend who lost her little boy in the fall so that is another cause close to my heart. I have yet to really find anything, of course I have found some, but they are all on the west coast, too far for this east coast gal. Last night I was doing a search and came across March of Dimes, and they do a local walk here in the Spring. I decided to sign myself up. Granted it's not exactly the type of organization I was looking for but it is for a good cause and I'm all about helping out with infant mortality. I've recruited the hubs and the little one will be going for us. Am trying to form a team. And am posting the sponsorship widget on my blog for hopefully some more foot traffic. So please feel free to look around the website for more info or click on my widget if you would like to donate. Even if it's just a $1. The money that is donated supports research and programs for moms and babies. I am hoping to exceed the $250 with the help of everyone. Thank you.


Wordless Wednesday

Am SO ready to be here...counting down the days!



Two Open Letters

To the Idiotic SUV drivers @ the Target Shopping Center today -

Perhaps I missed it but I don't recall seeing any special invisible ink on my van saying that if I'm a stop sign waiting my turn to please do not stop and continue on your way.

And when I do go and you almost hit me because you did the slow down @ the stop sign and continue on your way. Don't get mad at me! You are in the wrong. And then to have the nerve to be behind me as I'm waiting my turn @ the 4 way stop sign, do not dare honk at me, b/c the woman across the street waiting to make her left hand turn doesn't know what it means when @ a 4 way stop sign and it's her turn to go and we are all sitting there. I'm not about to endager my family and go not knowing what she is doing, just because you are impatient. Of course I couldn't help myself & a string of explicatives were running through my head and a couple might have slipped out. Not a fun mood to be entering one of my favorite places, Target.

Then as we are leaving the shopping center I get through all of the stop signs and am upon my last one before the light. Sitting there waiting my turn, (yet again), the car goes, I check oncoming traffic and go to go, and the SUV behind the first car pulls half way out in the intersection. Seriously - what kind of hurry is everyone in that we can't even follow simple courtesy's at intersections.

I do know one thing, I'm going to make sure to give my van a good scrubbing and get rid of this "sign" I seem to have following me. It's getting frustrating beyond belief.

The Van Driver

To all of the People in my Past, Present & Future -

After 23 years of being that push over, you know the person that people take advantage because that person will never say no or go against them. Yep, that was me to a big ole' fat T. Perhaps it's a hard adjustment to the people currently in my life, but as I keep saying "Tought Love, BABY!". I'm done bending over backwards and being unhappy. I'm living for me now. I'm not bending for anyone. I know that this has come as a very hard adjustment to a few close people, & for that I have been called just plain ole' mean and a b*tch. Hey, if that's how you feel. I just know that for once in my life I'm happy to not have these restrictions or worries. And this new me is not going anywhere. I do not want to go back to my meager meek self. I'm turning a new leaf. A new me. A new woman. So get used to it and just love me unconditionally as I do you.

To the people who will enter my life in the future, I'll be holding my head much higher as I will be the person I truely am. No facade or anything. I'm glad that things will be out there. And you'll be accept me for me.

Your Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Friend & Stranger/Passer-by


Minutes 2 Hours 2 Days 2 Weeks...in seconds.

I really don't know where these past few weeks have gone? I really need to figure out managing my time on the computer better, now that it's in the basement, and Emma just drives me bonkers if I'm down here with her, time is minimal!

I've been on a really big reading kick the past month. Reading a few books a week. About to finish a fluff read and then tomorrow two books I got off of Amazon should be arriving! Yay - speaking of Amazon - would like to thank my New Secret Pal so much for the gift card! Thank you!!! You pegged me! :o)

I've been working on some projects here in the studio. Making some scrabble tile pendants, re-did some candles I got on clearance, foiling some ironwork for the bedroom, working on a plaque. Odds and ends, here and there. It feels good to be doing something creative.

The part-time job is extremely slow right now. Starting to search for a full-time job again. Oh the joys - especially in the economy we are in now.

And of course will have to leave you with a picture of Emma on Valentine's Day. :o)


Weekend Wrap-UP

For once I feel content as the weekend is coming to an end rapidly. We had a pretty productive weekend. Before christmas we decided to clean out the middle room in our basement, I do not have any before pictures, but the after just makes me so happy! I officially have my own escape room. Below are the pictures:

And yes that is the washer. I do not know why, this is an old house, the washer is in this room and dryer is in the front room.
As everyone is well aware the Superbowl is happening right now. I decided to have some fun finger type foods for dinner. Made some pigs in a blanket with strips of cheese in them. And then found this recipe online, take lit'l smokies, wrap them in 1/3 to 1/2 piece of bacon (I used turkey), stick on skewers or on toothpicks, sprinkly brown sugar over them, and bake @ 350 until brown sugar is all melted. These were a BIG HIT! We also had some chicken fries. And whole wheat tostito's with velveeta. Overall, very much cheated on the diet, but it was all so good!!! :o)
And we all did it. Our voices were heard. CPSIA is proposing a 1 year suspension to their plan. Click here to read more about it.
Well, I'm going to head upstairs now and work out some on the Wii Fit we got this weekend. The hubs just came down to tell me he just finished working out.