Move It Mondays

Things are going really well here on the healthier living homefront.  I feel like last week I had a great breakthrough with my appetite feeling much more controlled, pushing myself on my walks, and it definitely showed on the scale this morning. 

Since I didn't check in last week, here's the breakdown: 
- 3/18 - Down -1lb, Total Loss: -11.4 lbs
- 3/25 - Down -3.8 lbs, Total Loss: -15.2 lbs

As for my walking, I'm still able to make it out 4 x's a week.  And have been going when the Hubs is home so I can go solo and I'm really starting to enjoy it even more.  I can blast my music, get moving and just think over things.  This past week I decided I wanted to get up to 3 miles.  I've been going different ways in my town to figure out the best route to get that distance and the closest I've come to 3 miles is 2.88 miles and I did that in 46 mins with my avg speed at 3.6. 

For those who run/walk - how did you go about finding the right shoe?  I'm really starting to pay for the 2 pairs I have.  The first pair is the Reebok's Easy Tones (the kind with the balance things on the bottom) but they are really hurting my left foot, it hurts to walk on it the rest of the day.  The last walk I did, I switched to my Nike's, and needless to say - I tossed them out today there was tons of blood on the heels from giving me beyond horrible blisters - blah! Figures that was my best time and distance, probably because I just wanted to get home!  Do you go off of reviews?  Just what's comfy in a store?  Do you go to a special place that looks at your feet and tells you what you should be wearing?  

As for the food part here's two things I've definitely changed or noticed a change.  First off, my water intake.  I've never been a water drinker.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my iced tea.  I still allow myself 2 glasses worth in my daily points, but honestly, most days I only have 1 glass and usually don't even finish it.  And truth be told I don't really miss drinking it, the more water I drink, the less satisfying the tea tastes to me.

Another BIG thing I've noticed pretty much stop, are my late night cravings.  I never snack anymore after dinner and it's honestly because I'm just not hungry for it.  In the beginning I kept figuring out a snack in the evening when doing my points, but this past week I've realized I'm not hungry for the snack, why force it?  So I stopped.

And now I wanted to share a healthier recipe for spaghetti.  I've never liked sauce on my spaghetti, normally just put some butter & parmesan cheese on top.  I stumbled across this on Pinterest actually, and thought it was very yummy!!! Click Here for the link to the pin.  And now for a picture of what mine looked like.  

Here's to another successful week, especially because I only have 15 more lbs to lose by the end of May and the Hubs said he would treat me to new bathing suits - Woo-hoo!!!  

I'm linking up with Ashely at The Domestic Wannabe - click on the button below to check out her link-up. 

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My Happy List

I haven't done this in a while so figured I'd write out some things happening around here and I'm linking up to Mamarazzi

- The Hubs has some really good leads on some jobs.  Please let one of these pan out, as the company he's with just keeps getting worse!  

- The weather - such an obvious thing, we're having gorgeous mid 60's and low 70's temps here and staying for awhile according to the weather apps.

- That I have a Hubby who loves me unconditionally, with all of my quirkiness. 

- We've been working with A on going potty.  She's about 1/3-1/2 of the way there.  Just picked up some more big girl undies for her so we can try a couple days in just underwear coming up.  I'd be ecstatic if we could be day trained, I'm not even worried about naps or bedtime right now.  

- Another A thing that makes me happy - is her vocabulary is starting to boom and honestly the sentences she's been forming are just hilarious to me! 

- I just got back from a solo Target trip 30 mins ago.  Only a parent can appreciate how sacred and nice that is!!! 

- Grilling season - food tastes yummy and clean up is a breeze!  I'm always for less dishes.  

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Move It Mondays

So, last week I mentioned joining WW (aka Weight Watcher's), to hold myself accountable I decided to join in on Ashely's link-up party, called Move It Mondays.  So, let's back-track a little, I got to where I am now and how I plan on working my way back down.  Ever since high school I've been gradually gaining weight, and with each girl I've upped another 10 lbs after their deliveries.  I knew it was getting bad when I started avoiding getting pics of myself with the kids, face shots were ok, but I hardly ever would want a full on body picture with them.  Not only that but it's going to be spring/summer soon and if we decide to hit one of our local amusement parks the thought of not "fitting" in a ride just makes me break out in a sweat all over.  I decided enough is enough, there's no excuse for this.  I CAN make time for ME to make me an even BETTER ME!!!

I'm so sick and tired of being that friend, that member of the family etc.  

I also mentioned us getting an amazing double stroller for the younger two.  So, now after the oldest is dropped off at school I load up A & B, start up this pedometer app (which I completely love, it goes by movement and gps, so it's accurate!),  turn on Pandora and start walking.  I've been walking 3 weeks now, and I go out 3-4 days a week and have worked my way up to 2 miles in about 30-35 minutes.  Which makes me happy with my progress. 

The first two weeks I measured out everything I ate.  I now know when spooning out my portions what they should look like.  Plus I'm loading up on my good veggies, my protein, and really minimizing my carb sides, because let's be honest - those are lots of points.  I weigh-in on Sunday's and as of this moment I'm: -10 lbs.  I haven't taken measurements, but I think this Sunday I'll take them so I have a somewhat starting point when tracking my progress.  

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Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap

I like to do one of these a year and joined in on Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap.  My partner was Jessica from Duck Duck Cow. If you click on that link it takes you to what I sent her.  Had so much fun coming up with my package and it was just as fun receiving the package I did from her. 

Here's my goodies all wrapped up - the paper choice and ribbon reminded me of Minnie Mouse :o) 

Here's a close up of the ca-ute tags that were on each item, and on the back of them she wrote why it was her favorite. 

And now for everything unwrapped. 

Now for the fun breakdown: 
- some of the softest socks! 
- The Princess Bride
- a cute springy spatula and sprinkles
- nail file and some silver crackle polish
- sweet mint gum, PB Twix, dark chocolate mini Cadbury eggs, a Cadbury creme egg, & some Ghirardelli almond & milk chocolate
 - some bobby pins for the girls
- little travel Tide pen 
- pack of her favorite pens
- a book
- pair of blue earrings
- and a cute little Halloween hanging thing got cut out of the picture.

Thank you Mamarazzi for hosting yet another wonderful swap and to Jessica for sending me this great package! 

p.s. Mamarazzi - that pesky button still won't work for me!  Sorry!!

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All Things Loved in February

I decided to do a re-cap of the things I was loving in February! 

First up, here's a screen shot of my iPhone's current homescreen.   Do you know how to take a screenshot of your iPhone?  If not, here's a new tip for you then.  You push the power and home button at the same time.  I swear I use it too much. 

My new game obsession is Scramble with Friends - it's like boggle, I'm totally addicted.  If you play look me up - Kat7205! 

Another thing I'm loving is Weight Watcher's.  I'm finishing up my 2nd week on it.  Doing great so far and love that they have an app - it's the one that says WW Mobile, because it's so much easier for me to track my points on there, instead of remembering and doing it on the computer.  Are you doing WW also?  Let's become friends on their - same username as above Kat7205.  

See that gorgeous background?  Love me some fun yellow to welcome springtime and of course you can't go wrong with chevron!  Go over to Southern Stumble to check out the great free iPhone backgrounds she has available.  They are all gorgeous! 

Blog I'm loving - Karen at Home.  She's due any day now with her 2nd baby a little boy.  Her oldest daughter is a month older than my A.  I've been a follower of hers for almost 2 years.  She shares such great tips for the blogging and the house.  She's also a Thirty-One Gifts consultant.  Check her out here if you have a moment: 

Also, have you heard that they are getting rid of Google Friend Connect?  So sad!  There is now a new way to follow - it's called Linky Followers - it's off to the right hand side, below the old GFC.  

What things were you loving in February? 

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