Weight Loss Journey - 4 Month Re-Cap

Four months ago I embarked on one of the toughest journey's yet, it has been frustrating and amazing at the same time.  Let's re-cap on where I started at beginning of February of this year.  And honestly, I've been struggling with my weight a lot the past decade.  I was doing zero activity/exercise and I was eating basically whatever I wanted.  And you could tell just by looking at me that I didn't care enough about myself to change.  But I decided this was the year for that change, we are done having babies and I want to love myself when I look in the mirror.  Every day I'm starting to love the person I see more and more.  So, here's some pics of me end of 2011.  I honestly, do not recognize myself in these pics anymore. 

NYE '11.

Christmas '11

So I started walking.  I couldn't even finish a mile my first day.  Every day I would walk, I'd push myself just a little bit further and trying to keep my pace up so I was getting in some cardio.  I now can do 4 miles in an hour.  I try to wake up around sunrise once over the weekend and do that walk, it's a great way to start the day and get ready for the next week.  

I also picked up Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, it took me a month in a half because I scheduled in some break days.  I lost 19" from the 1st day vs the 30th day on that video.  I loved that it was challenging and that my workout was done in 25 minutes.  I currently have it lent out to my sister-in-law, but when she's done I plan on doing it again.

I'm currently doing Insanity and am only just in the beginning of my 2nd week of that.  And it really is insane!  But I'm loving it.  There's nothing as great as feeling when you are finished just dripping in sweat knowing that you finished it.  

We also joined our local YMCA tonight, so looking forward to hitting the gym and incorporating some weight training with all of this cardio to help tone.  

Next thing to change has been the way I eat.  So, originally I started on Weight Watcher's online.  It gave me a great stepping stone to get started.  But gradually I stopped writing down my food and points and just started watching what I ate.  I cut out the bad carbs.  Cut back on my sweets.  Am now a water drinker.  I follow the new food plate thing, and make sure 1/2 my plate is fruits & veggies (normally it's veggies).  We've significantly cut back on red meat and have switched to lean ground turkey.  I love that the Hubs' has been completely on board with the majority of the changes I've made (granted I still bake him sweets every week and he gets his "junk" food), and together we are laying the groundwork for a good foundation of what healthy portions and the right foods to eat are, for our girls'.  I want it to be their normal.  I do not want to see them struggle as I have over the past decade.  I've really started to research clean eating and am gradually going to be switching us over to that.  The Hubs' seems a little unsure about it still, but I'm hoping he'll get on board with that too. 

Face shot comparison - 

November '11

June '12

As of this week, I hit a milestone - I'm down 50 LBS people!  I still can't believe all that I've been able to accomplish in such a short time.  I'm officially over the 1/2 way mark of my Goal and Ultimate Goal Weight.  I know there is still a long journey ahead, but every day is a new day and one step closer to reaching that end goal.  

Here's some things I'm loving since dropping the weight - that might not seem like a big deal to most people but to me they are exciting: 

- I can now sit for long periods of time with my legs crossed. 
- A regular bath towel fits completely around me, this is not something that really dawned on me until it happened and then I was so ecstatic! 
- I've dropped 3 bra sizes and 3 clothing sizes and my ring size has gone down 1.5 sizes.
- I enjoy doing more active things with my girls. 
- I actually find myself running up our stairs in the house now with a little hop.  
- We are going to Hershey Park this Sunday with the older two, and I'm not going to be terrified that I won't be able to ride the rides with my girls', like I have been the past two times we went to a theme or water park over the past 5 years.  I was miserable worrying about not fitting.

And now for my current progress pics: 

This was taken last week. 

This comparison was taken Friday 6/29.

I've had a few people ask for my secret - and really there is no "secret".  I work hard, exercising 5-6 days a week (always aim for 6), and I eat right.  There is no magical thing that you can just snap your fingers and things be changed.  I've also found tons of great motivation, inspiration, and great advice on Instagram.  See, I mentioned earlier in the week I was addicted to Instagram.  :o)  

Sorry this turned out to be rather lengthy - and thank you for reading through to the end, if I still have your attention.  :o)

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Amber - Binkertation said...

OMG Kat!!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING! You've always been gorgeous, but I'm blown away by your transformation. Your hard work is seriously paying off and it really motivates me to be more active. I do not need to drop lbs, but I haven't been active regularly in so long and I can tell in my body AND mind. Your photos are super inspiring - rock it!!!

Amanda Boyd said...

I don't know you, but great job and keep it up! It's amazing what just educating oneself on nutrition and basic "good healthy living" can do. I am so against fad diets and workout plans that are not realistic to the normal person to adapt in their everyday life. Making sustainable lifestyle changes like you have done is the best way to go! Best wishes and health and happiness to your family!!

Ellie said...

I'm so proud of you! Way to go! I so desperately need to do this for myself and just can't seem to start. You are truly an inspiration! Keep up the hard work--you look great (and probably feel amazing, both physically and emotionally)!