Girls - - They want to have fun, OH GIRLS just wanna have fun...

Come on, you know your singing along with me now! The hubs left for his annual fishing trip this morning so it's just the little one and me. Looking fwd to a weekend of girly fun times!

We dropped the hubs off at the mini mart at the end of town for his ride. Emma seemed to be doing well since he was leaving. We went and ran some errands, and then as I'm turning into our town, we pass the mini-mart and then the total meltdown came b/c Daddy wasn't there anymore. You really have got to love kids logic on some things! Lols.

Found out some exciting news today - hopefully I can share it soon.


1. Moving is a great time to purge through your stuff.
2. Laugher & Smiles & Hugs & Kisses are free.
3. My best quality is ME.
4. Forget the details.
5. In nearly 10 years, I'll be in a total different place.
6. Rest is what I need right now!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to crab dip and curling up with a chick flick, tomorrow my plans include shopping, house ready for showing, being with family and Sunday, I want to welcome the hubs home and go to a family picnic!


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things in my life that are why I've fallen off of Bloggy-land. Oh - how I've missed you, but I'm BACK!

1. My Dad was in a really bad accident two months ago - he fell 20 feet from a tree, has had a miraculous recovery, the hospital calls him their miracle case, although still a ways to go - he is at home now!
2. Was in a vehicle accident a month ago - finally just got back our van yesterday, what a relief!
3. The hubs got laid off two weeks ago.
4. My work is picking up finally again - but I'm leaving there in June to prepare our new house and get set up watching kids from home.
5. As stated above - we're MOVING!
6. Our house just went on the market last week - already 3 showings - keep those fingers crossed!
7. Packing up stuff - keeping the house clean.
8. My gramma's cancer has returned she starts treatments in June.
9. Over this past weekend my Pappy was found to be internally bleeding - still not sure what is wrong though.
10. Helping the hubs uncle prepare for his estate auction 5.30.09.
11. Back to full-force potty training.
12. You know having a toddler just keeps you busy, especially one as klutzy as mine!
13. And just everday life.

So - most of all - it's been a rough couple of months - here's to looking to the brighter side of it all and on to the good times!