Goodbye for Now

I've been meaning to pop on here the past week - I won't be posting at all until we are moved/unpacked/situated.  So, beginning of November.  Currently we are in the packing stages, 1 1/2 weeks until his Uncle will be out of the house, then a week of cleaning/painting, following week getting the carpets cleaned and then moved.  The week after we move Hubs starts this crazy Overtime schedule so I hope to be back full swing in November, with lots of DIY'er projects to share - am creating a list. 

Also - thank you all for the sweet comments for Avalynn's name.  We're definitely sticking with it.  :o) 

Must get to packing now that the little one is down for nap. Speaking of - Happy 3rd Birthday sweet baby girl!


Emma, Ultrasounds, & Baby Names - oh my!

To keep the little one out of trouble - I have her help me with the daily chores.  Now if only I could muster this much enthusiasm for laundry!  Wouldn't life be so much brighter!
She's looking like such a big girl lately - I just can't get over how fast time is flying by!
Here are some ultrasound pictures.  My favorite is the last one as you can see the whole front of her - face, ribs/stomach, and her adorable little legs.

Now on to baby names.  Really - I think this is one of the worse pressures of being pregnant.  Picking just the right name.  All of the decisions!  When naming our oldest daughter I failed to even think of looking at the Top 10 or 100 baby name lists.  If I had I would have picked something entirely different.  As - I hate that her name is so common, has been #1 for the past few years.  But after being at the park and noticing when I call out "Emma", many other Emma's look at me, I vow to definitely look at name lists more closely for our next one. 

In the beginning, we really liked Chloe - but the more I think about it, I keep hearing more and more of them around.  I just can't do that again.  So, I turned to a good internet mommy friend who is really good with coming up with baby name lists.  And she didn't disappoint with a list for me and few that I definitely wouldn't have thought of.  Immediately - I fell in love with one.  Couldn't wait for the hubs to get home - because at that moment I wanted a decision made.  He agreed that he liked it too, so am happy to announce that the decision has finally been made.  Our youngest will be named - Avalynn Grace.  Can't wait for her arrival!!!


Just another Monday

If you'd like to participate head over to Amber's blog and join in the fun!

Welcome back to another week of Friend Makin Mondays!!
Since fall is {almost} in full swing,you know what that means! Season premiere week is right around the corner!!

What are some of your favorite fall shows?
Bones, Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, Greek, and Army Wives
I wanted to thank you all on the baby gender congrats!  I planned on posting more this weekend, but at my appt on Friday I got a lecture on drinking too many calories.  Which has led me to have to cut out iced tea, milk, and juice.  Can we say caffiene withdraw anyone?  So - I slept a good amount this weekend.  Bleah!  
And it seems that my gestational diabetes is back.  Joy - Joy!   
But today is already a much better day!  Little one and me just have some preschool lessons to go over and later on making some homemade meatballs for spaghetti dinner tonight.  The hubs is definitely going to enjoy these!  Yummy!  



I officially have some SWANK & other good news.

The Fabulous Bitch awarded me with this lovely "Your Blog is so SWANK" award this past weekend.  I forget where or how I stumbled across her blog but it is such a great & funny read!  Go ahead and check her out, you won't regret it!

She said this about my little blog:  measuring my life in l-o-v-e (Kat)
I just love the name of this blog! And Kat is doing her blog’s name justice. If you expected a sweet loving blogger, then you won’t be disappointed.
Let's just say it was a great way to end the weekend reading these words.  Thank you again!!!


Now to pass on this lovely gem to two ladies blogs I love to visit and read.  In no particular order:

Michaela over at Mama Michie's Musings
Trudy over at Third Time's a Charm

Have some good news to share -

I am 19 weeks along in this pregnancy today.  :: sigh ::  I can't believe that this pregnancy is half over!!!!  We go this Friday 9.11.09 for the BIG u/s!  I'm nervous and excited, personally I just hope that this baby shows us the money shot since our daughter never gave us a 100% clear shot. Below are a few shots I took today.

Also, not sure if I blogged about it, but the Hubs did get the job he was going for testing for last week!  Well he didn't get the job he tested for but he got another job at that place.  And personally am, A'OK with that, since the job is at Three Mile Island, aka TMI, and that job was dealing with radiation, this new position will be working on the cooling towers.  And we knew there'd be overtime hours but he got the word today.  End of October until at least the New Year he'll be working 7 days a week 10-12 hour days.  Am just trying to prep myself for all of that extra work that will be on me without his help, but if he can do those hours and work then I know I'll be able to do what needs to be done.

Also - we have an official MOVING DAY!  Damn it's taken a long ass while - considering we were supposed to be in there this past July 4th.  But, his uncle will be out of there by the 12th of October, so that gives us a couple weeks to clean/paint and get all moved in before the Hubs overtime hours start.  Yeah - life is definitely going to be crazy the next few months.

And my last bit of good news, that will hopefully turn into AMAZING news is that we have a repeat showing scheduled for tomorrow.  We lowered our house price a week in a half ago and this couple had looked at the house before the price drop and were interested but not for that price.  Fingers and toes are crossed - this will be such a stress reliever when the house is sold and not having to deal with any of it anymore!!!

I just need to say that after months of a down time in the roller coaster of life, I'm so glad to be climbing back up that big hill and for these better times that are coming. 


After Pregnancy...

your body will never go back to how it was before. This has never bothered me, it's part of the passage of motherhood and worth it for the life we are able to bring into the world.

Last night, mother in law invited us over for dinner, we had 3 showings yesterday I wasn't about to turn down a meal that I don't have to clean up, and she invited the hubs uncle. Afterwards, we were all sitting around chatting and he was talking about his neighbors (our soon to be neighbors in 1 1/2 months as we are buying his house), and how the wife was very beautiful but she hasn't been able to lose all of the baby weight, since having her son earlier this year. And then he turns to me, no offense. Um, wtf?, I lost all of my "pregnancy" weight with Emma, yeah my body shape might be a little different but honestly? You're going to talk to me about my weight? He who has for 40 some years been extremely overweight and just in the past year and a half loss a massive amount 130+lbs. Perhaps it's just me, but just because you've finally had your wake up call and done something about it doesn't mean you can judge.

Some men seem to only see the Hollywood version of moms who go right back to how they previously looked and have this idea that is how it really is. Puh-leaze! Your bodies change just as much as ours over the years but for some reason it's ok for you, and yet you don't go through carrying children, your only excuse is age and gravity.

Pregnacy hormones are running very strong - as I didn't express any of this to him, the hubs had to be subjected to my steam let off, some of the ride home. Thank you honey for being understanding and just listening, I swear I will be back to me in a few months and not so RAWR'ing at people as much.


Friday Fill-Ins


1. I feel happy & content.

2. Laughing with my family is always fun.

3. Right now, I can hear these things: a car going by, the radio, the keys tapping.

4. The baby is really moving right now and I'm glad to make it this far in the pregnancy and be able to feel all of this.

5. The last time I slept through the night was 1 1/2 weeks ago.

6. We're going to be too busy this Labor day weekend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner and shopping with my mother-in-law, tomorrow my plans include cleaning for a showing & visiting family and Sunday, I want to relax and stay home!


An Open Letter... or perhaps 2

Dear Emma Rose,

Things have been a roller coaster with you lately but we were finally starting to break through and have good days regarding your behavior. Somehow, with Daddy going back to work this week this has all gone down the toilet. I know that we got spoiled with having him around so much with his lay off & him and me fell into him being the disciplinarian role more than me, but this does NOT mean that rules are out the window with him going back to work.

Between the sass and you not sleeping, you literally had me dragging so I could have fallen asleep anywhere today.

So, here's a reminder for you of some things we follow in this house:
  1. 3 am is not play time with me! If you don't see the sun up this means you should keep your cute little butt right in your bed and close those eyes! I do not function before the sun rises.
  2. When you do get up for the day, come straight to me in bed. Do not sneak through our bedroom and downstairs looking for Daddy who has already left for work. You're going to give me a heart attack.
  3. We are done playing games at nap time, you still need a nap, and you seem to think that you don't need any sleep, but my dear you definitely do for all of our sakes! So, we are done with warnings, if you can not stay in your toddler bed form, then I have no problem putting the crib front back on to keep you in there. You are going to see that this is non-negotiable.
  4. Saying "please" and talking to someone, instead of demanding and yelling gets you much further in life, it'd just be easier if you learned this now, because I just do not seem to hear you when you talk any other way.
  5. When someone is talking to you and you don't like what they are telling you, do not sass or yell back. You only end up punishing yourself with an automatic time out.
  6. I understand that you are curious, but could we please move away from the land of "But why?" a little? I give you reasons and answers and they just seem to go in one ear and out the other without hitting your brain to register. Take a moment and actually listen.
  7. For some reason the past couple weeks you have become very non-dependent. Saying "I can't" for many things that you are quite capable of doing. I do not know where this thinking came from, but you are capable of doing many things for yourself, so please start saying "I can" and not "I can't".
  8. Lastly - You have been daytime potty trained for over two months, in the past two weeks you have started peeing in your pants, or you will go in the bathroom, and stand right in front of the toilet and pee on the floor, and you find this humorous at the time but remorseful after the fact. You are a big girl, so let's stop with this.
You are such an amazing intelligent little girl who is greatly loved by many. No matter punishments are a stern talking to that you receive, that fact is never changing.


Dear Hubby,

The other night after you felt the baby kick for the 1st time in the pregnancy I could not fall asleep thinking of how blessed we are and I am to have you in my life.

The past few months have been very trying between you being laid off for almost 4 months, our house on the market and us waiting to move into the new one. But we never let it get us done, we kept our heads up and stood by each others sides throughout it all. I feel like we have finally reached a new level in our marriage.

I also want to thank you for being so helpful with things around here lately. For carrying all of the loads of laundry, making the extra trips to the car to carry in the groceries up a flight of stairs instead of both of us, cleaning without me asking, giving me a break from Emma when I need one. Not only the big things but the little thoughtful things you do all the time. I do notice them even if I do not comment on them all.

I know your are not that ecstatic about the new job location you are at, but we both know that it's a paycheck and I thank you for doing it anyways. I hope that in the coming weeks you begin to like it more.

Lastly, I just want to thank you for being you, for standing by my side these 8+ years. Our love and marriage has grown so much. I am proud to be your wife & best friend.