Chicken Cheese Crescents Recipe

Last week I mentioned I’d share the recipe for one of my pictures I posted on the 12 on 12 challenge


- 1 can of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, we prefer the Garlic Butter ones for some extra flavor
- 2 Chicken Breasts
- 1 can of Cream of Chicken soup, we prefer Campbell’s Healthy Request
- dollop of butter
- some shredded mild cheddar

Cook your chicken breasts by baking or boiling.  I prefer to throw them in one of those oven bags so they are moist and tender.  Shred and chop up the chicken breasts.  In a saucepan heat up the cream of chicken soup, butter, and a handful or two of shredded cheese.  While that is heating, unroll your crescent rolls, lay your chopped chicken on the dough, roll it up like you normally would.  I do a line of the heated mixture down two sides of a 9x13 casserole dish.  Lay your stuffed crescent rolls on the lines.  Then put one spoonful of the mixture on top of each crescent.  If you have leftover just dump it.  I then sprinkle some more cheese on top of the whole dish.  Bake @ 350 for 20-25 minutes. 

I promise this will be a big hit! 


12 on 12–April Edition

This month, not only did I remember the 12 on 12 challenge but was able to actually get 12 pictures! 

12 on 12

01. Emma singing and dancing to one of the morning shows.
02. Miss A sporting her side pony and sitting cutely, before creating major chaos in the toy area less than 5 minutes later.
03. Girls were sitting at their table coloring and Miss A decided to move her artistic abilities to the wall beside her instead of the paper she was using.
04. Girls’ watching Bubble Guppies, one of their favorite shows.
05. Finished my 1st book on the Kindle, Happy Mother’s Day to me from the Hubs!
06. After this week, needed a sweet, so picked up some caramel filled chocolate chip break apart cookies at the store this week – yummy!
07.  The Bestie came over, it was a nice distraction, plus it’s probably the last time I’ll see her before she gives birth to her 1st baby, a little boy!
08.  Yummy dinner – sweet potato fries (tried the new Ore Ida ones, yum!) and a crescent roll/chicken/cheese dinner thing. *will share the recipe soon*
09. On my way for my daily visit to Gramma’s was stopped at a red light and decided to take a picture of gas prices.
10. Mom holding Gramma’s hand.
11. Me holding Gramma’s hand.
12. My little sister holding Gramma’s hand.


19 Weeks & Gender Reveal


Yesterday, I had the big U/S – not really a surprise in our family, we are blessed to announce we’ll be welcoming our 3rd little girl into our family!  I was really pulling for a boy, as we are done after this little ones arrival, thankfully I wasn’t as upset/disappointed as what I thought I might be.  Everyone who hears just keeps saying over and over Poor Hubs.  Personally, I can’t get my mind away from when they are in their teenage years, I am seriously afraid!  Lols.  Now for the fun little pregnancy survey.

Pregnancy Review: 
How far along: 19wks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: Still down 3lbs according to Dr’s scale.  I much prefer my scale as mine says 5lbs lighter than the Dr’s, lols.

Maternity clothes?: Yes please!

Strech marks?: Nothing new.

Sleep: Sleeping well, still able to sleep on my side/belly still.  It’s just now turning around in bed is getting painful with those ligament pains.

Best moment this week: Finding our we’re expecting our 3rd girl. 

Movement: She’s finally starting to move around more, after a week or two of flutters, I stopped feeling her move.

Food cravings:  Baked red potatoes with all the toppings, baked corn, chicken dishes.

Gender: GIRL

What I miss: Nothing really, this pregnancy is such a breeze compared to Avalynn’s.

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? No change, still an innie.

What I am looking forward to: Now I can start planning the nursery.

Weekly Wisdom: Nothing right now

Milestones: Passing my early Gestational Diabetes test, minimal weight gain so far.


Now for a picture and the name reveal! 

2011-05-03 001