Fall is in the air & Finally my house too!

What can I say something about the oranges, reds and browns of fall just suck me into it's comfy-ness.  Love finding new things at the end of the season and it's a surprise when I go to open up the box of decor the following year. 

The DIY Show Off is having a Fall Festival - click on the button below to check out other great blogs!

The DIY Show Off

Here's how I've added some fall touches around our home.

Half of these are new this year and I love how it all came together.  But my favorite item so far is the black lantern peice.  My mom got it at a yard sale for $.50 (Can we say a STEAL!!!), so I cleaned her up and used some old silk flowers and pinecones I actually bought for my christmas garland this year and a couple tiny pumpkins.  I love all of the oranges, bronze, & yellows. 

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day

It's always amazing to me how quickly October 15th seems to come upon me.  I have had 4 miscarriages, all in different times of the 1st trimester.  I always say no one knows what you're going through unless they've been there through it to, but sometimes you get those people that you don't really know who can really say some of the dumbest things that just hurt you and make you mad.  I always tell people who ask for advice when someone they know has lost a pregnancy or baby is to just be there and listen if the person wants to talk.  Do not say those classic phrases "It was meant to be", "At least you have xxx, this child already", drawing a blank on others.

In 1988, Ronald Regan stated that October would be Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month.  On October 15th, everyone is invited to light a candle @ 7pm for a personal loss or that of a friends, for an hours time.  The idea is that with the varying timezones there will be a continuous light across the United States/World.  This day has spread to Canada and across the World.

For more information check out www.october15th.com or http://pregnancyloss.info/

I will always remember you my 4 angel babies! In part of my healing process, I got the angel wings tattoo, which you can see on my right sidebar.  I feel like a part of each of them is with me all the time now after getting this. 

There is this beauitful song by Gerrit Hofsink called "Still".  Here are the lyrics: 

I've been waiting for you for such a long time
You're always on my mind
And I'm laying awake most of the night
Waiting to hold you tight
Now that I do, and look at you
MY heart is breaking, this can't be true

Lost you before I found you
Gone before you came
But I love you just the same
Missed you before I met you
On Earth we never can, but in heaven we'll meet again

Close to my soul, close to my heart
Right from the start
Lost in time, lost in space
Can't wait to see your face

Now that I do, and look at you
MY heart is breaking, this can't be true

Lost you before I found you
Gone before you came
But I love you just the same
Missed you before I met you
On Earth we never can, but in heaven we'll meet again

Sometimes I find myself wondering what to do
With this pain that I'm going through
But I know one day, God will take me away
And I'm coming home to you

And when I do, and look at you
My heart is healing, I know it's true

Lost you before I found you
Gone before you came
But I love you just the same
Missed you before I met you
On Earth we never can, but in heaven we'll meet again
In heaven we'll meet again


*New* house gone bad...but not SAD!

Whew - what a very draining week this has turned out to be!  Between house drama, sister drama, and gramma drama - I'm beyond ready for next week to start!

So, Monday night after the Hubs called his Uncle to clarify something & his Uncle flipped out on us, we decided to back out of the deal.  We don't need things to keep changing and really do not want to do business with someone who reacts the way he did.  Especially Tuesday, very nasty messages on our machine and the in-laws, plus stopping at the family members houses and just going off screaming and hollering.  Really it was NUTS!!!

I was more than happy to call our crappy realtor and tell her we were taking our house off the market. Felt so good to pull that For Sale sign out of our yard!  I really do love our home, we were just moving as it was a great opportunity with a bigger house for a great price. 

So, needless to say, I dug right into unpacking our stuff, I can say finally that the 1st floor is completely cleaned, unpacked, re-organized, and decorated.  And it feels GOOD not to be living with boxes all over my house.  Although it's definitely taken me 3 x's as long as I need to take several breaks throughout, especially when moving the extra boxes to the basement or 2nd floor.  But I can say it's all done as of about 2 hours ago. 

Next weeks agenda entails tackling the 2nd floor.  Switching little one's baby furniture for her big girl furniture, emptying out the spare room for the baby's furniture, and packing away spring/summer clothes for the Hubs and me, as we've been using the spare room as our extra clothing space. 

Later next week I'll be having a review & giveaway so make sure to check back.  And will also be posting some pictures of the fall decor we have going on here.  I enjoy decorating for fall almost as much as for Christmas!

And I'm so glad to announce that my Gramma had her last cancer treatment this past Friday.  It's been a very long & tough 4 months of treatments, but she's been amazing through it all.  She will not be going for the tests to see how the treatments helped her until after the holidays as she wants to enjoy them.  So, we still have a long 3 months ahead of waiting for that tidbit, but I'm so glad she is done with treatments.

Now to end with a pregnacy update and little survey thing I've been seeing pop-up on a couple other mom's who are expecting blogs.

Friday I had my 6 month check-up.  Which I must say went remarkably better than last months.  Actually down 2 lbs, woo-hoo!  They dropped my glucose testings from 4 times a day, to only 2 times a day, and will not have to be put on insulin since my #'s are great. Avalynn's HB was about 150, although it took the Dr a few times to get it, as she is very active and wouldn't stay still long enough for him to cont.  He didn't have to tell me she's active, I definitely feel her all the time.  And I'm measuring approx. 2 weeks ahead, but I measured bigger with E's pregnancy too, so I guess it just means am meant to have bigger babies.

How far along: 1 day away from being 24 weeks - woohoo!

Total weight gain/loss: 3 lbs

Maternity clothes?:Yes please!  I only have a few pieces, as the Hubs just went back to work a month ago, they are/were not in the budget.  Once he starts OT the end of this month, I'll def. be picking up a few more, a girl can only live off of 2 pairs of pants for so long, can we say laundry every day!

Strech marks?: No new ones.

Sleep: This week, I'm just exhausted and sleep straight through the night without ever moving.  I will say though that I've found I need pillows all around, sleep with one behind my back, inbetween my legs, and my regular pillow, plus even though we're in the 50's poor Hubby has to suffer through me wanting the fan on, b/c I'm so warm.

Best moment this week: Hearing her HB at the Dr's appt.
Movement: Yes, several times throughout the day and she must think my bladder is a soccer ball or something, b/c she loves kicking on it constantly.
Food cravings: Thanksgiving dinner - the next month can't come fast enough! Otherwise, homemade mac 'n' cheese and hush puppies.

Gender: 110% GIRL
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach completely
Milestones: Hmmm...can't really think of anything right now.