Goodbye for Now

I've been meaning to pop on here the past week - I won't be posting at all until we are moved/unpacked/situated.  So, beginning of November.  Currently we are in the packing stages, 1 1/2 weeks until his Uncle will be out of the house, then a week of cleaning/painting, following week getting the carpets cleaned and then moved.  The week after we move Hubs starts this crazy Overtime schedule so I hope to be back full swing in November, with lots of DIY'er projects to share - am creating a list. 

Also - thank you all for the sweet comments for Avalynn's name.  We're definitely sticking with it.  :o) 

Must get to packing now that the little one is down for nap. Speaking of - Happy 3rd Birthday sweet baby girl!


Michaela said...

Good luck on the move and Happy Birthday to your little (big) girl!!!

Dr.John said...

We look forward to your return.