7 Year Anniversary

Another year has passed and the Hubs and I are celebrating our 7TH wedding anniversary today!  What a roller coaster the past 7 years have been and thankfully we are at a crest right now, after going through some dips, you really appreciate the high moments.  

Being introduced at the reception.
Finding these photo's and looking back through them, still can't believe we were only 20 when we got married.  Now, looking back, that seems crazy young!  But I wouldn't change any of it.

Cake shot.
I don't know where I'd be if you hadn't walked into my life 12 years ago.  Things definitely don't always go as planned for us, but we always make the most of it.  Thank you for being my bestest friend, my rock, my #1 supporter!! 

First Dance
You've made me into a better person over the years.  You've brought so much laughter and joy to my life.  We've created a beautiful family together.  I love you for who you are and thank you for loving me for who I am - quirks and all! 

Garter time! 
Looking forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with you honey.  I know that this year, our plans didn't pan out, but I'm looking forward to our steak dinner together after the kids are in bed tonight.  

Love you! 

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Amber - Binkertation said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I had the same thought when we celebrated our 7th - I was 20 when we got married - seems SO young ... I don't regret it for a second, but I think I might have a mini heart attack if Audrey wanted to get married that young lol!

Beautiful photos - you were a gorgeous bride :)