Finally a DIY Project...

is about to be happening around here.  This weekend my in-law's neighborhood is having their annual yard sale and the Hubs and I spent the evening going around the house gathering up some random stuff to take over there tonight.  One of the things we sent over was our current tv stand.  

My mother-in-law offered me a long dresser she's had in her basement and doesn't want.  We all know how much I love a good furniture re-do, even more so when it's FREE!!  So, here she is in her "glory" right now. 

So, I'm thinking of moving the middle drawers up to the top.  And then tearing out the bottom two rows of drawers.  We have one of those older big stereo's we still listen to that I'd love to still use, but keep it out of sight.  So am sure the Hubs will come up with some doors or something.  Also, everything on top of the dresser now (PS3, Dish box, and router) will be hidden in the top drawers.  

As for the color I'm thinking, something along this picture that I saw on crackgram earlier this week.  I want to add some pops of color - am done being "afraid" and going with whites and blacks. 

What are your thoughts?  Always open to suggestions!

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