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Here's a recap of our week:

Baby Girl chomping on a little baby. 

 Hubs and I after our workout. 

My Mom, the girls' Mimi, and them in the creek at our annual picnic at my Aunt's & Uncle's.

The Oldest and I stopping for a pic while walking up and down the creek, love the sunrays in this shot. 

Gorgeous sunset. 

Let the older two stay up late one night and they had some fun with left-over 4th of July sparklers. 

Was bummed this turned out blury - but it was to show that I burned 555 calories in 45 minutes, love this machine!  Wish our gym had more then two of them though. 

Sister giving a shoulder ride to the baby. 

Hubby ran in for some milk and when he came back to the car he said he got him and the girls' a treat and me my own special one.  Cracked me up that he remembered I was out of cottage cheese.  

Baby Girl post spaghetti dinner and her first bath in the sink - love having a pic of each of my girls' in a sink bath. 

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Amber - Binkertation said...

fun photos!!! It's so awesome that Eric is supporting you in your weight loss/fitness journey - go hubby!