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I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday week, we have been busy around here this week - I can't believe it's already Friday! 

Here's a re-cap of the pictures, top to bottom, left to right! 

1. Brynlee playing with a toy - such concentration. 
2. We took the older two to Hershey Park - this is a collage of our ride in Chocolate World. 
3. Emma & Avalynn checking to see what kind of candy they were so we knew what rides they could go on. 
4. Collage of them on rides. 
5. Emma and the Hubs on Skyview.
6. Girls' got some Icee's! YUMMMY on a very very HOTT day! 
7. Me with the girls'. 
8. After the day - tan lines. 
9. Anniversary dinner with the Hubs', filet mignon, potatoes, steamed cauliflower, we decided to do it picnic style once the kids were in bed and watched True Blood. 
10.  Hubs & I during our dinner. 
11. Opened up a bottle of wine as well. 
12. Sunset on my way home from the gym one night. 
13. Came down one morning to this tower display Emma had put together.  
14. Collage of the kiddo's and the Hubs' during out July 4th spent at his grandparents pool. 
15. Emma and her sparkler. 
16. Avalynn and her sparkler.  

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{Amy} said...

that's how you do an anniversary dinner, sounds perfect to me! looks like a fun week!

Danavee said...

That Skyview thing looks FUNNN!!!!