Move It Mondays

Things are going really well here on the healthier living homefront.  I feel like last week I had a great breakthrough with my appetite feeling much more controlled, pushing myself on my walks, and it definitely showed on the scale this morning. 

Since I didn't check in last week, here's the breakdown: 
- 3/18 - Down -1lb, Total Loss: -11.4 lbs
- 3/25 - Down -3.8 lbs, Total Loss: -15.2 lbs

As for my walking, I'm still able to make it out 4 x's a week.  And have been going when the Hubs is home so I can go solo and I'm really starting to enjoy it even more.  I can blast my music, get moving and just think over things.  This past week I decided I wanted to get up to 3 miles.  I've been going different ways in my town to figure out the best route to get that distance and the closest I've come to 3 miles is 2.88 miles and I did that in 46 mins with my avg speed at 3.6. 

For those who run/walk - how did you go about finding the right shoe?  I'm really starting to pay for the 2 pairs I have.  The first pair is the Reebok's Easy Tones (the kind with the balance things on the bottom) but they are really hurting my left foot, it hurts to walk on it the rest of the day.  The last walk I did, I switched to my Nike's, and needless to say - I tossed them out today there was tons of blood on the heels from giving me beyond horrible blisters - blah! Figures that was my best time and distance, probably because I just wanted to get home!  Do you go off of reviews?  Just what's comfy in a store?  Do you go to a special place that looks at your feet and tells you what you should be wearing?  

As for the food part here's two things I've definitely changed or noticed a change.  First off, my water intake.  I've never been a water drinker.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my iced tea.  I still allow myself 2 glasses worth in my daily points, but honestly, most days I only have 1 glass and usually don't even finish it.  And truth be told I don't really miss drinking it, the more water I drink, the less satisfying the tea tastes to me.

Another BIG thing I've noticed pretty much stop, are my late night cravings.  I never snack anymore after dinner and it's honestly because I'm just not hungry for it.  In the beginning I kept figuring out a snack in the evening when doing my points, but this past week I've realized I'm not hungry for the snack, why force it?  So I stopped.

And now I wanted to share a healthier recipe for spaghetti.  I've never liked sauce on my spaghetti, normally just put some butter & parmesan cheese on top.  I stumbled across this on Pinterest actually, and thought it was very yummy!!! Click Here for the link to the pin.  And now for a picture of what mine looked like.  

Here's to another successful week, especially because I only have 15 more lbs to lose by the end of May and the Hubs said he would treat me to new bathing suits - Woo-hoo!!!  

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Myya said...

Goood for you! You are doing awesome. You should be sooo super proud. YAY!!!

Amber - Binkertation said...

Kathleen, you are doing awesome!!! STICK WITH IT - that spaghetti looks tasty. I'll have to try it.

For the right shoe, get a fitting if you can. There is a chain of running stores in my area where they fit you for a shoe - you even get on the treadmill to test you out. Best decision I ever made - they help figure out what you need for your arch, etc. You should see if there's something like that near you!

Deann said...

That is fantastic! So proud of you!!

I would like to know about the shoes too. I have those same Reeboks that you have and they do help my plantar fasciitis, but that is it. My feet are still tired/hurting at the end of the day and no way I could exercise in them. I have never found a GREAT pair of shoes though.

I'm going to try that pasta! We are having fish tomorrow and think I'll make some ww spaghetti like that as a side for me instead of fries/hushpuppies.