Move It Mondays

So, last week I mentioned joining WW (aka Weight Watcher's), to hold myself accountable I decided to join in on Ashely's link-up party, called Move It Mondays.  So, let's back-track a little, I got to where I am now and how I plan on working my way back down.  Ever since high school I've been gradually gaining weight, and with each girl I've upped another 10 lbs after their deliveries.  I knew it was getting bad when I started avoiding getting pics of myself with the kids, face shots were ok, but I hardly ever would want a full on body picture with them.  Not only that but it's going to be spring/summer soon and if we decide to hit one of our local amusement parks the thought of not "fitting" in a ride just makes me break out in a sweat all over.  I decided enough is enough, there's no excuse for this.  I CAN make time for ME to make me an even BETTER ME!!!

I'm so sick and tired of being that friend, that member of the family etc.  

I also mentioned us getting an amazing double stroller for the younger two.  So, now after the oldest is dropped off at school I load up A & B, start up this pedometer app (which I completely love, it goes by movement and gps, so it's accurate!),  turn on Pandora and start walking.  I've been walking 3 weeks now, and I go out 3-4 days a week and have worked my way up to 2 miles in about 30-35 minutes.  Which makes me happy with my progress. 

The first two weeks I measured out everything I ate.  I now know when spooning out my portions what they should look like.  Plus I'm loading up on my good veggies, my protein, and really minimizing my carb sides, because let's be honest - those are lots of points.  I weigh-in on Sunday's and as of this moment I'm: -10 lbs.  I haven't taken measurements, but I think this Sunday I'll take them so I have a somewhat starting point when tracking my progress.  

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Crazycurls said...

Congrats! I joined WW in Jan, my 2nd child was born in Nov and I knew I needed help to loose the baby weight plus the extra weight I had gained over the years. I love going to the meetings, they are so encouraging.

Amber - Binkertation said...

Kat, that is FANTASTIC!! It sounds like you've made amazing progress already. WOW - the walking idea is great and it sounds like your time/distance is pretty darn good.

I'm trying to get myself into a more regular fitness routine. It is HARD with 2 kids, so I can't even imagine with 3.

And, even once the fitness part is under wraps, the diet is still an issue - so seriously, GO YOU - I find portion control to be the hardest, too!! I think my idea of a pasta portion is actually like 4 servings!

Ashley said...

Sounds like you are off to a FANTASTIC start! And making time to make a better you is great for you, AND great for your family. Keep it up!

Myya said...

GREAT JOB!!! Good for you, you should be soooo proud! YAY YOU!!! :)