My Happy List

I haven't done this in a while so figured I'd write out some things happening around here and I'm linking up to Mamarazzi

- The Hubs has some really good leads on some jobs.  Please let one of these pan out, as the company he's with just keeps getting worse!  

- The weather - such an obvious thing, we're having gorgeous mid 60's and low 70's temps here and staying for awhile according to the weather apps.

- That I have a Hubby who loves me unconditionally, with all of my quirkiness. 

- We've been working with A on going potty.  She's about 1/3-1/2 of the way there.  Just picked up some more big girl undies for her so we can try a couple days in just underwear coming up.  I'd be ecstatic if we could be day trained, I'm not even worried about naps or bedtime right now.  

- Another A thing that makes me happy - is her vocabulary is starting to boom and honestly the sentences she's been forming are just hilarious to me! 

- I just got back from a solo Target trip 30 mins ago.  Only a parent can appreciate how sacred and nice that is!!! 

- Grilling season - food tastes yummy and clean up is a breeze!  I'm always for less dishes.  

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Candace Pelz said...

Great happy list!
I LOVE eating food cooked out on the grill. We can't have grills in my apartment complex but I like it when other people grill and I get to eat it. :)
Good luck to your husband! Hope one of the job leads works out!
Hope you have a happy rest of your week!

Aubrey S. said...

I'm all about the weather these days, and bring on the grilling! Yay!

Have a happy week!

Myya said...

YAY on the job leads. I hope they pan out for you guys!

I am trying to get Aliya interested in potty training. I dont think she quite "gets" it thoough. I was so hoping she would be easy like AMira & not a toughie like Aziza. Ehhhh oh well it will happen at some point right.

Looooove little vocabs, they are so funny. I love the way their little minds wrap around things & how they try it express stuff.

Ahhhh solo shopping trips. DEFINITELY a relaxing time!

YUM for grilling!!! I wish our rain would go away so we could start. Snow in March, really???

Jolene said...

Less dishes and some alone time are definitely HAPPY list material!

I hope your husband gets his job and WOO HOO he loves you for who you are!!!!

Congrats on the potty training being closer to complete. I do remember how hard those days are.

Mamarazzi said...

woo hoo for grilling season, solo trips to Target and job leads. lots and lots to be happy about!!

i love that you linked up, i hope it made you feel good and that you will play again. your happy list makes me smile, thanks for that!!

Amber - Binkertation said...

wow, A is potty training already?! Time goes wicked fast, doesn't it?

Yes, a solo Target trip sounds HEAVENLY right about now...

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I know what you mean about Target. Everything is just at the right height for the kids to whine (and scream) for it....Why do they do that???? :/

This is a great Happy List, and I am glad you linked-up. Your hubbie sounds sweet!

Linking from Mamarazzi's.

Ricki Jill