Minutes 2 Hours 2 Days 2 Weeks...in seconds.

I really don't know where these past few weeks have gone? I really need to figure out managing my time on the computer better, now that it's in the basement, and Emma just drives me bonkers if I'm down here with her, time is minimal!

I've been on a really big reading kick the past month. Reading a few books a week. About to finish a fluff read and then tomorrow two books I got off of Amazon should be arriving! Yay - speaking of Amazon - would like to thank my New Secret Pal so much for the gift card! Thank you!!! You pegged me! :o)

I've been working on some projects here in the studio. Making some scrabble tile pendants, re-did some candles I got on clearance, foiling some ironwork for the bedroom, working on a plaque. Odds and ends, here and there. It feels good to be doing something creative.

The part-time job is extremely slow right now. Starting to search for a full-time job again. Oh the joys - especially in the economy we are in now.

And of course will have to leave you with a picture of Emma on Valentine's Day. :o)


Melissa said...

Good luck on your job searching. Hope the perfect job is right around the corner. Hope you and cutie Emma had an awesome Valentine's!!!

Deann said...

Such a cute pic of Miss Emma!! Glad you've been reading so much!!

Jessica said...

Best of luck with your job searching!!

By the way...I have given you an award over at my blog...

Have a good weekend!

Xazmin said...

Good luck in the job hunt. Thanks for stopping by my blog - and your little girl is darling!