Two Open Letters

To the Idiotic SUV drivers @ the Target Shopping Center today -

Perhaps I missed it but I don't recall seeing any special invisible ink on my van saying that if I'm a stop sign waiting my turn to please do not stop and continue on your way.

And when I do go and you almost hit me because you did the slow down @ the stop sign and continue on your way. Don't get mad at me! You are in the wrong. And then to have the nerve to be behind me as I'm waiting my turn @ the 4 way stop sign, do not dare honk at me, b/c the woman across the street waiting to make her left hand turn doesn't know what it means when @ a 4 way stop sign and it's her turn to go and we are all sitting there. I'm not about to endager my family and go not knowing what she is doing, just because you are impatient. Of course I couldn't help myself & a string of explicatives were running through my head and a couple might have slipped out. Not a fun mood to be entering one of my favorite places, Target.

Then as we are leaving the shopping center I get through all of the stop signs and am upon my last one before the light. Sitting there waiting my turn, (yet again), the car goes, I check oncoming traffic and go to go, and the SUV behind the first car pulls half way out in the intersection. Seriously - what kind of hurry is everyone in that we can't even follow simple courtesy's at intersections.

I do know one thing, I'm going to make sure to give my van a good scrubbing and get rid of this "sign" I seem to have following me. It's getting frustrating beyond belief.

The Van Driver

To all of the People in my Past, Present & Future -

After 23 years of being that push over, you know the person that people take advantage because that person will never say no or go against them. Yep, that was me to a big ole' fat T. Perhaps it's a hard adjustment to the people currently in my life, but as I keep saying "Tought Love, BABY!". I'm done bending over backwards and being unhappy. I'm living for me now. I'm not bending for anyone. I know that this has come as a very hard adjustment to a few close people, & for that I have been called just plain ole' mean and a b*tch. Hey, if that's how you feel. I just know that for once in my life I'm happy to not have these restrictions or worries. And this new me is not going anywhere. I do not want to go back to my meager meek self. I'm turning a new leaf. A new me. A new woman. So get used to it and just love me unconditionally as I do you.

To the people who will enter my life in the future, I'll be holding my head much higher as I will be the person I truely am. No facade or anything. I'm glad that things will be out there. And you'll be accept me for me.

Your Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Friend & Stranger/Passer-by


Michaela said...

I've wanted to write to the SUV drivers in the Target parking lot who think that it's ok for them to ignore the yellow lines in the parking spaces... like their SUV is to precious or something to fit into just one space...
Go New You!!! She sounds like a great person!!

Melissa said...

grrrr... yes! The SUV drivers that take up 2 parkings spots because they can't park their beast within the lines.

And good for you! Stand your ground and let them know you won't back down..

Have a rockin' Monday.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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Jessica said...

I think that all drivers need to be courteous...some drivers find it hard to do that though huh?

Happy Monday!! :) Have a good week!

Deann said...

Love both letters, especially the last one ;)

Reeni♥ said...

I can so relate to your second letter right now. Reading it helped me put everything in perspective. I came over to say hi and thanks for visiting my 'saucy' blog.