Weekend Wrap-UP

For once I feel content as the weekend is coming to an end rapidly. We had a pretty productive weekend. Before christmas we decided to clean out the middle room in our basement, I do not have any before pictures, but the after just makes me so happy! I officially have my own escape room. Below are the pictures:

And yes that is the washer. I do not know why, this is an old house, the washer is in this room and dryer is in the front room.
As everyone is well aware the Superbowl is happening right now. I decided to have some fun finger type foods for dinner. Made some pigs in a blanket with strips of cheese in them. And then found this recipe online, take lit'l smokies, wrap them in 1/3 to 1/2 piece of bacon (I used turkey), stick on skewers or on toothpicks, sprinkly brown sugar over them, and bake @ 350 until brown sugar is all melted. These were a BIG HIT! We also had some chicken fries. And whole wheat tostito's with velveeta. Overall, very much cheated on the diet, but it was all so good!!! :o)
And we all did it. Our voices were heard. CPSIA is proposing a 1 year suspension to their plan. Click here to read more about it.
Well, I'm going to head upstairs now and work out some on the Wii Fit we got this weekend. The hubs just came down to tell me he just finished working out.


Melissa said...

Love the new space! Looks like a place I would love to get lost in.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Willo said...

It looks like it turned out AWESOME!

You were above me today, just dropping by with some SITS love.

Cathy Davis said...

Hi! Would you please email me at cathy.m.davis at gmail.com ? I need your email address! (I'm a friend of Kori's from
http://www.lifeasacferswife.blogspot.com .)


(PS your room looks awesome!)

Deann said...

LOVE the room and the food sounds yummy!!

Jessica said...

The space looks so organized!!!

The food sounds yummy!

Maricris said...

We live for times like these! great job girl!

Shauna said...

Hope you have a very Happy Valentines Day! ♥ Hugs :)