Addicted to True Blood Anonymous, Please?

Last fall my pedicurist let me borrow the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I read them all in a weekend, what can I say, the Hubs was working crazy OT and Little One was off to the grandparents.  I fell in love with the book series.  We don't have HBO so I hadn't attempted to even try and find the Tv series to watch.   Mother-in-law's coworker lent her Season 1 and when they were done they lent it to us.  Needless to say, the Hubs and me couldn't wait for nap and bedtimes.  When we finished Season 1 we went online to watch Season 2.  Needless, to say we watched both Seasons in 5 days which led to all free time being gobbled up  (which would explain the lack of blogging/emailing/BBC sub-group/face-a-book time).  It's really interesting to see the differences and similarities between the books and show. We watched Season 3 premiere this morning, only thing is that now we're stuck waiting week to week instead of the instant gratification of being able to go to the next episode.  Anyone else into the show?


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