Theme-A-Day Blog Journal - Day 18

Today's Prompt - What do I collect?

I collect elephants.  Not asian or safari decor ones either.  Figurines, glass, metal, stuffed animals.  It all started back in 2003 when the Hubs and me were on our Senior Week.  There was something about an elephant in Cosmo or something and we made a stuffed elephant animal at a Build-A-Bear type place.  After that it just sort-of stuck.  I try and find one whenever we go on vacation.  Their trunk ends must be up which brings you good luck.  I do not buy and downturned ones.  And if someone buys me one it ends up being donated, although most people know by know about the trunks because I tell them.

The other thing I collect is glassware, like blown glass pieces.  Love the vibrant colors of them.  This is another item I try and buy when on vacation also.  And that pretty much sums up what I like to collect.


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