It's those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer coming,

We had such a great time this past Memorial Weekend spent with our wonderful families.  Days of fishing/boating, picnics and games of horse shoes, volleyball, kids running around barefoot and being poolside.  We had some incredibly hot high 80 degree weather and with the humidity they were definitely scorchers.  But we managed and had a blast! Here's some pics:

Daddy & Baby Girl relaxing in the shade. 

Little One so ready to just get it - thankfully the water was 87 degrees! 

Baby Girl's first dip.

My two bathing beauties in the rafts. 

And this picture is definitely worth a 1,000 words.  It was just her and Pop-Pop in the pool and we look over and she's sticking these water squirters down her bathing suit and says to him in a deep stern voice "Pop-Pop you're going in time out!".  Seriously - where does her little mind come up with some of these things!  


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