Theme-A-Day Blog Journal - Day 3

Today's Question is - What are you most proud of?

Ah - this is a tough-y. I would have to say my journey to motherhood and my daughters. It hasn't been easy and over the years I have found many other women who have struggled along the way. I'm beyond blessed to have the two beautiful daughters we have, but along the way I had 4 miscarriages. I was once in an extremely dark place but I've pushed through it all, gone through the grieving process and come out on the other side. I'm so much more appreciative of the girls'. Cherish every moment - even the moments of sleeplessness, screaming, & crying. Because I know that one day I'm going to look back on these days and wish I could snuggle with them one more time like I did when they were babies. Unfortunately, time has a way of slipping by even faster when you have kids and before you know it your baby is gone. Motherhood has been a great learning process for myself and the girls'. I'm constantly learning new things and becoming a Jane of all trades and professions.


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