Theme-A-Day Blog Journal - Day 11

Today's Prompt - Where I live!

As your driving up our street, we're the 4th house on the right and it's yellow.  Little One loves our yellow house.  Here's what you'll see from the street.

Come up the stairs and sit and visit for a little.  We're guaranteed to always have some iced tea on hand, that tastes very refreshing on these hot summer days. 

We bought our first house May 2006 and are still happily living in our home that we've made.  This will always be special since it is our first home, where we brought both girls' home, we've done many remodeling projects here and am so happy and proud to call our house a home. 

We live right across the river from our capital Harrisburg.  I love driving home and seeing the activity on the river, all the boats out there during the warm months, fireworks every holiday weekend, which we can see on the road behind our house.  

I love the surrounding area and the how close we are to everything.  We can hop in the car and for a short drive be in Hershey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Lancaster.  I can't imagine living in any other area and am happy to call this place home. 


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