A Sunday Reflection

This past Thursday night I logged onto Face-a-book and read the news that a little girl named Violette had passed away that afternoon.  She was born April 20, 2010 - 3 days after she was born she was diagnosed with Leukemia, she fought for 44 days.  They call her a warrior princess.  Tanya the mom I know from my online mom group from the oldest and to see a fellow mom like her go through all of this was heart wrenching, especially reading the updates of her daughter's fight against this horrible disease.

What a wake up call this was to me regarding my girls'.  I know that there have been times where I've complained when Baby Girl spends the whole day screaming and refuses to sleep for me or Little One is super whiney and exasperating.  But since reading about Violette's battle and especially the past 2 weeks when things started going bad.  Alls I kept thinking is that I will take any of that over having to see one of my babies suffer.  I forget how lucky we are to have healthy girls.  So, I've been snuggling, hugging and kissing each of them more this week, thankful for all that we are blessed with.

Want to share a couple pictures from this weekend of our wonderful blessings.


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