Happy 2nd Birthday

Today was Emma's birthday. I can't believe I now have a 2 year old. I mean really? Is it possible? I keep thinking of our hospital stay and her in that great newborn stage. She's now becoming a little girl. No more baby left. We had a nice relaxing day around the house. She totally melted my heart this morning. She dragged her doll house to the edge of the table and was grabbing the pieces for it from her toy bin. She'd play with each piece as she got it, and I was just sitting her listening to her talk with the little people. Too cute! I tried to make meals I knew she'd eat well today, so we had scrambled eggs and corned beef hash for lunch, and then for dinner we had sheppard's pie. She ate really good! Yay, after days of her not really eating. So then the hubs came home and we all headed to Build-A-Bear. She loved doing it, except for getting her to pick an outfit out, there were seriously just too many choices. We're going to get her an outfit or two for Christmas we've decided. We then came home and sang happy birthday over some left over cake. She actually got the blowing out of the candles tonight and did both of them rather easily. She was standing on a regular dining room chair, sunglasses on upside down, in the dark dining room while we sang to her. It was too cute. We then all sat on the couch eating some cake, her just the icing though. Probably not the greatest decision 15 minute before bedtime. Lols, but she went down well anyways.

We dropped our camera off at Best Buy to get fixed last night, they said it'd take 2-6 weeks, so I need to get the pics off of the hubs phone sometime to post, but not tonight. Hopefully tomorrow.


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