In Other News...

1. Happy Birthday to my cousin Sara!

2. Emma is feeling SO MUCH better today. Some kind of funky bug is going around and it seems like everyone is having different symptoms. Emma got hit with the diarrhea part of it all. And she's been having bouts of it a couple/few times a day. Tuesday night when I got home the hubs said that she was starting to freak out when he'd change her diaper. Midnight that night she woke up with another bout. I tried changing her and she just started crying, screaming NO at me, clamping her legs shut. The hubs got awoken and tried helping me to just clean her up. That was a no go, so I though ok, we'll put her in the tub. Yeah, as soon as the water hit her she started crying in pain and stood up very quickly. It was horrible. I felt so bad for her. So, we went to the dr's and got some medicated cream. The first two times where as struggle to put it on her. But she looks 150% better today!!! Yay...I hate my baby being in pain.

3. Eric is in two golf tournaments this weekend. His first. That's exciting! Everyone please think of him. Hopefully he'll win some prizes. :o)

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