1 year Old "Punks" her Gramma

Story as re-told to me from the hubs. I was working. So, Mom went out to the kitchen to get their regular snack of some cheese slices, when Emma comes out saying "emote" with her hands up at her sides like Where'd it go? So, Mom comes out to the living room looking for it as Emma just keeps saying "emote" over and over. Then Emma gets down on her belly in front of the couch looking for the "emote". Mom bends down and looks under there thinking that's where Emma put it since she got down looking for it. Lo and behold there is no "emote" under the couch. Emma walks over to her Elmo couch flips it open and there is the "emote" where she had hidden it and she just laughs.

Honestly, the fact that she hid it and then looked somewhere else where she knew it wasn't? Is this a sign of how full my hands are going to be in the next few years? Ah...I just can't believe she did that! I was laughing so hard when the hubs was telling me/re-enacting some of.

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