Ramblings at it's Finest

No specific reason for this post. Just ramblings of things I've been thinking about. One of the main things is the friends in my life. Which pretty much are zero. Yes I have the oh, 3 people I could call up if I need to, but I've lost touch with my friends. I miss talking to them daily/a couple times a week. Is it me? Do I make people just stop talking to me for some reason? I mean look at my history and I have a handful of friends who seriously stop talking to me for no reason that I can see and even with me trying to get in touch, no response. I'm just not sure what to think of it. Work. This company makes absolute no freaking sense to me. I mean seriously I don't think you can do anything to get fired from this place. Even if you DO get fired, they rehire you?! I just do NOT get it. But then it's their money, so why should I care. I mean I go there for 4 hours and do maybe an hours worth of work total, just because there is NO work. I'm A'okay to get paid for sitting around talking with the other ladies. Families. They are definitely the Catch 22 of all Catch 22's. You can call on them and they will be there in an instant. And yet when it comes to simplifying things people just have to be stubborn and attitude-y. As the woman on my BB say. I'm just going to put on my big girl panties and get over it. I think we all need to remember that now and then. Because there are other people in our lives besides just ourselves and our immediate families. I think we all lose sight of that at times. But hey what are you going to do really? People are how they are. It's how they've always been. There's no teaching an old dog new tricks. Emma. I will say it again, and many more times in the future, she's getting TOO BIG! Tonight she counted to 16!!! I mean seriously, it's the cutest freaking thing ever to hear her count...but 16! I just can't believe it. And the hubs wants me to shape up her hair. So, I'm thinking of bringing up her length, and this way, her bangs will actually be closer to the length of her hair. I'm sad to think about her getting her hair cut, but then also excited. And what do I think of except for saving some for a baggie so I can scrap about it. Lols. Speaking of scrapping reminds me of wanting to clean out our basement and re-do it some. Perhaps some paint, some fabric curtains in the doorways to the ugly parts. And then I get excited thinking about our remodeling this coming winter. Switching rooms with Emma. What colors/theme should Emma's new "big girl" room be? I'm thinking of some bright colors. Getting some chalkboard paint and making an area for her to color with. An activity center. Actual bookshelves instead a big plastic container. I'm excited. I'm thinking I'm going to start hunting at Home Depot for their oopsie cans, and perhaps we'll get lucky with a color? Who knows though. And to end this alls I've got to say is "Cheers"! Lifting my glass and tilting it towards you before taking a sip.

ETA: Didn't log on yesterday to wish my cousin Chris a Happy Birthday!

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