Thursday Thirteen

Idea taken from my friend Amy's Blog. (Go ahead, check out her blog to the left of my page, she's there in my friends, good reading!).

Thirteen Things I'm Grateful for:
1. That I got 9 hours of sleep last night. I feel much more rested.
2. My grandparents. I am so very lucky they are in my life and do everything they do for me and my family.
3. That Kristina got her license yesterday! Go, Kristina!!! No more having to be the required over the age of 21 passenger when I go over to my mom's.
4. My flower beds are weeded and Emma's yard area is mowed and cleaned up.
5. That Emma is finally quiet and taking her nap, after 2 hours of her just playing around in her room and me going up there several times.
6. The beautiful weather we've been having, and enjoying the breeze through the windows.
7. Lisa for making me an incredible birthday invitation for Emma's party at the end of the month.
8. The great hugs and kisses I've gotten from Emma today. Nothing better in life.
9. Deann for just being a great friend with a much needed ear for listening and some great advice.
10. I do not have to work today.
11. It's almost the weekend.
12. Music.
13. Dishes are done and the bathroom is clean. :o)

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