Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Miller!!!

This past weekend Emma & I were invited to participate in one of my closest friends special day. We had such a fun time celebrating the day with the happy couple and their friends and family. I can say that I've been to many weddings (our 9th in 3 years) and it was one of the best, loved all of the small touches.

A fellow high school classmate, who is now a Deacon, helped perform their marriage ceremony.   One of my favorite things he talked about was love and your spouse and hopefully everyday when you wake up, ask yourself - "Is there anything I wouldn't do for my spouse today?".  It was a good reminder for me to let go of the extra crap that muddles my marriage at times and get back to us.

There were many different blessings given, great speeches, polish toast with shots of vodka for every guest. Instead of a bouquet toss - each single lady was given a single rose from the groom, the married ladies got to take home a mum (that was used for decoration).  A yummy cake *made by the bride*, 4 different dessert mousse's, variety of cookies.  Photo booth with props, great music - my Emma danced every song until we had to leave as Avalynn was so tired and wouldn't fall asleep. 

The line-up of the wedding party @ the Reception.

Emma and Tyler being introduced. 

Vehicle shot - the earrings and necklace were made by the bride as one of our wonderful presents. 

Picture of my bouquet.

One of the beautiful flower girls - decked out in a great dress, princess crown, and new big girl dangle earrings *also made by the bride*.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Miller!!! 



Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Congrats to the happy couple! Emma looked so cute and happy in her dress. Sounds like it was a nice wedding. I love when they have more personal touches to them.

Sherri said...

Thank you for all the kind words. I love having you and your family as part of my family too! It wouldn't have been my wedding without dancing with your girls or having you as a bridesmaid!

Love you so much!

Mrs. Sherri Miller

(still weird to see that!)