Weekend = Reminder That Life is Good.

Our weekend started with this beautiful sky above, the clouds were the perfect dream-ness and puffy-ness.

Here's our weekend in a nutshell: 
- Painted ceilings at my parents house.
- Enjoyed family dinner.
- Early morning grocery shopping with just the oldest is some nice one on one time.
- Bakes 2 homemade pumpkin pies.
- 5 cans of spray paint on 25 picture frames/shelves, a mirror, and wicker furniture.
- Hung 28 pictures frames, plate, shelves, canvas prints on our *new* massive family wall.
- Date night with the hubs, entailed a great dinner and game night at our friends' house.
- Made a cushion.
- Have had the hugest epic fail of trying to match a color in our living room *note to self: write down all paint colors in a safe spot*, then tried a new color that seriously is making me crazy and I can't change it for two days.
- Baby Girl reached out and said "Da-Da" for the first time.

It was a great productive weekend lots of highs and even some down falls dealing with paint, but overall, just a good reminder that life is good even when times are tough. And that the Hubs is awesome for helping me all of these projects.  Can't wait to share more on some of the ooh's and ahh's and oop's that were mentioned above.


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Amber said...

WOW - sounds like your weekend was super busy, but filled with love, fun, and laughter :)