Cleaning Schedule

I started a new system in our household about 2 months ago and am happy to report that my house has never stayed more clean through the week, my actual cleaning time has been cut in half, and it works for us!  I even think working mum's could implement this into their schedule (I've been there too).

This is what I did.  I picked a day of the week to do all cleaning.  Monday's is our day around here.  I start at the top floor of the house and work my way down to the main living areas, scrubbing bathrooms, dusting, & vacuuming each room.  During naps I steam mop our hardwoods and vinyl flooring areas.  And I make sure to pop out the hose on the vacuum and swipe around baseboards and the ceiling areas at every other week.  Once a month take all the cushions off the couch and vacuum each cushion and underneath it.

Daily things - As soon as we get up for the day all beds get made and I gather all the dirty clothes to take to the basement, this is done before we head downstairs for breakfast.  Twice a day, mid morning/nap time & right before bed, spend 10-15 minutes and clean up, all toys put away, the hotspot/catchalls get cleaned off, any random dishes get loaded in the dishwasher, bathroom put back in order from baths etc.  Basically - my main goal especially for the clean up before bed, is so when I come down in the morning, it's to a clean house - no dirty dishes sitting in my sink or toys to trip over.

I pick a day later in the week when we'll be home the majority of the day and that's laundry day, it all gets washed, dried and folded.  More times than not it takes us a day or two until we put it all away, but at least it's done in one shot.  Previously, I used to gather all dirty clothes and do a load a day every morning.  I personally have decided for us I prefer just knocking it out in one day - either method I think has it's plus or minus.  Also, on laundry days is when I strip beds, bath rugs, gather all towels etc to be washed.

The kitchen gets cleaned after every meal.  Dirty dishes loaded in the dishwasher right away, we have a 4 hour delay option, so we usually hit that after dinner so it runs in the middle of the night.  During breakfast prep, I empty it for the day.  Counters and stove top get wiped down after each use.  Prior to getting our dishwasher earlier this year, I did dishes twice a day, once after lunch and once after dinner.

When I first started this it'd take me all day Monday to do the cleaning, now I can knock it out by lunch time.  My main problems being that I didn't keep up with it everyday and my house wasn't de-cluttered, so everything didn't have a place, which resulted in it taking me longer to find a place to put things.  August was a BIG de-cluttering month around here, I'm happy to say the whole house is de-cluttered and organized.  Which makes regular clean-up that much easier - as we don't have extra unnecessary stuff suffocating our small storage areas, and everything has it's own specific use and space to be kept.

I just wanted to share a method that has finally worked for us and is easy to stick with, as I used to loathe cleaning, but now I enjoy it and it makes me proud of our home and not freak when inpromptu company stops by.

What's your cleaning schedule like?  Do you have any tips to share?


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Amber said...

Thanks for sharing your tips, Kat!! I agree - doing laundry once a day seems to be more efficient (and better for the environment!)

I can't wait until we have a dishwasher - I currently do dishes once or twice a day, but it can be such a hassle!

I also agree that as you keep up with the major cleaning, it becomes less of a chore over time because you are caught up with it! I think my schedule needs some tweaking, so I'll be taking your tips!