Happy 4th Birthday Emma Rose!

Emma Rose, aka Shorty

This time, 1:07 am, 4 years ago we were blessed with a beautiful healthy little girl.  I never knew the difference she would make in our lives, but I sure have enjoyed each loop to loop on this path of parenthood and watching this needy newborn turn into the smart, hilarious, beautiful little girl in a blink of an eye it seems.

I would have to say that I'm glad to see the 3's gone and on to the 4's - although I've heard that they aren't much better than 3's.  My dear little girl you and I have had many a moments over the past year.  You've become much more opinionated and sassing back.  I think I've finally figured out how to react and act in certain situations/circumstances with you so things are going more smoothly.  Which makes me oh so happy!

You are such a good mix of girly-girl and tomboy.  You love dressing up, wearing heels and walking around talking about being a princess and needing to find your prince to marry, on the other hand you are Daddy's fishing buddy and love digging in the yard for worms, camping and cooking over a campfire.

You are really into Knock-Knock jokes right now.  You love to run ahead in a room someone is going to go in, hide and "try" and scare them.  I have to take you clothes shopping with me, because I went one time without you, and you point blank told me you didn't like any of it.  You are really into Toy Story.  You love playing games, either on our cell phones, the wii (such as wii fit plus), or board games. You are getting better about not always winning.  You love to color/draw/paint and do other crafty things.  You and Mimi craft holiday & seasonal magnets for the whole family - which they love.  You also love doing puzzles.

Some of your favorite songs to sing along with are: Sara Bareilles-Love Song, Ke$ha-Tick Tock, B.O.B. & Eminem-Airplane, Sara Bareilles-Many the Miles (but you sing Many the Mom's).  We always having music playing during each meal and when cooking in the kitchen, you and I have lots of fun dancing around & singing - being goofy.

We do PreK school books & activities with you twice a week and you are doing great.  You get frustrated when something is difficult (just like your Daddy when he was little) but you're doing better and taking a breather and starting again, as we say everything takes practice.

This year has been a change for you as you've gone from being the only child to having a little sister.  You are an amazing big sister!  You are such a big help when it comes to getting things for Avalynn.  You two are starting to play together more, which is just something so amazing to watch and see.  You love doing silly things just to make her smile/laugh.

Here's a reminder of some promises you made us this year:
1. You will not pierce your nose/belly button or other body parts until you are 52.
2. No tattoos until you are 21.
3. No getting married until you are done with college or other schooling after high school.

I look forward to the things to come in the next year and for the many things that we'll learn as we continue onward.  I love you so much Emma and most of all want to thank you for making me a mommy!!!



Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday to Emma Rose!

McKenzie said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!!

Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Happy belated birthday Emma!!