Happy 8 Months Avalynn!

Avalynn, sweet Avalynn - today passes your 8 month or 2/3rd's of a year old milestone. This month has been lots of fun with you. You are crawling at super speed it seems, pulling yourself standing against things all the time and crusing along furniture some. As soon as you started crawling within the week you were pulling yourself up. Your adorable little chunky legs are getting stronger everyday and you are able to stand for long periods of time when playing with your stand-up toys or along the couch.
A little over a week ago you slept through the night and ever since, I now just let you CIO if you wake up. You cry for a couple minutes if that and then go back to sleep. You are in bed anywhere from 7:45-8:15pm and awake for the day 6:30-8:00am. You wake up happy most mornings, which is such a nice change from the previous crying. You are napping twice a day, sometimes three if you do not get a long nap in at all.
You've been eating 2 meals of baby food all month, today we started giving you 3. Your favorites are country market vegetables, vegetable risotto & cheese, ham pineapple & rice, apples cinnamon & rice, mixed vegetables, and macaroni & cheese with veggies. You love your veggies for sure! We've also given you some gerber diced carrots in your mesh feeder. You love cheerios and yogurt melts and do ok with the wagon wheels. We've had some very abnormal hot days here lately and you are loving ice cubes in your mesh feeder also.
You are the Queen of razberries around here and starting to wave at people. Although if we set you down in an unfamiliar place you start crying your head off scared of the "strangers" around you. It's the cutest/saddest thing! You love bathtime and are now sitting by yourself in the tub, as long as you have your bath fishy to play with you are happy. And you love smacking the bubbles with your hands as they go near the drain after we rinse you off.  You also love when on your back to fling your legs against the floor so your heels make loud thumping noises, Daddy and me are amazed that you don't hurt yourself with how hard you get your legs swinging sometimes.  

Nursing you is still going well.  We are down to 5-6 nursing sessions a day.  Still feels weird to me the change in how long you can go in between your feedings.  You have bit me a couple times though and that is definitely NO fun!  You seem content lately playing with my necklace or having your fingers near my mouth, much better than the previous pinching. 

No more teeth have sprung through this month.  I thought for sure you were teething a couple weeks ago because you were getting up every 2-3 hours at night just miserable, but nothing has popped through.  No clue what was up with that week of crazy night wakings.  You also seem to have found your ears, as you are always pushing them forward or playing with them.  You scare me a little because I don't want you to tug on your earrings and yank them out accidentally.  

One of my favorite things to watch is when Daddy balls you up and gives kisses on your cheeks/neck - you get the biggest smile on your face, your eyes close and you just have a look of pure joy.  Every time my heart swells when I see that look on your face. 

You and your big sister get along great.  You love to follow her wherever she is playing with toys and join in on the fun.  When she's laying down, you'll crawl over to her and sometimes try and sit on her, it's funny.  You two play with your soft spike balls a lot together.  And you still think she is just the funniest thing around - I love watching the two of you interact and watch the sisterly relationship grow between you two.  I look forward to each new day - as it's always different.  Looking forward for the things to come. 

Love, the Mama

Woke up from nap and is smiling at her big sister. 

Doing naughty things before her sisters 4th birthday party. 

Loving the marble racer with the Hubs.

Taken today, show how big you are, you giving razberries and pushing your ears forward. 


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Michaela (aka Mama Michie) said...

Awww! Look at how big she's getting! Time sure is flying by!!

I saw you mentioned her earrings... they make screw back earrings so that kids can't pull them off. Don't know if you've used those yet.