Mamarazzi's Guilty Pleasures Swap


 I received my package from my swap partner Tamy @ 3 Sides of Crazy. Below are the goodies that were in my package.  Tamy didn't include any note with why these were her guilty pleasures, perhaps she'll swing by and share.  Thank you Tamy!

And I'd like to send a special thanks to Mamarazzi for taking the time to host this swap - it's much appreciated all the work and time it takes to do this. 



Sami said...

So sad she didn't include a note! I'm jealous of the photo keychain though!

Mamarazzi said...
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~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Oh no Kathleen, I wonder what happened to the card. Well, to sum up, my life is so hectic that there is never any "pamper me time" do the Bath and Body Works Bubble Bath is a true guilty pleasure for those long, but far and few in between bubble baths. I hate my feet or hands to get cracked from the hot summers or the cold winters and the Burt's Bees salve is so soothing and calming to the skin. Because of my hectic life the key chain with the pictures is something that I can look at throughout the day to remind me of who I do it all for. The baking mat is PURE guilty pleasure. I have never burnt a cookie since I started using these mats so it's a 2 fold guilty pleasure since I have to make cookies to make this one work. The oval frame I just saw and thought was pretty. Sorry the card was missing, maybe I dropped it at the post office as I was packing the box?

Marla said...

I don't think I visited one blog who didn't get some lip balm. It must be the "in" thing. Who knew? Lol!

Forgetfulone said...

I've been Tamy's partner before. She sends a good package! I'm sure she meant to send a note. Maybe it got lost in the packaging? Anyway, you got some wonderful goodies!