I'm back..

The past week in a half has been quite the roller coaster.  Here's the good, the bad & ugly.

- Your wonderful comments about my past few projects have completely been some of the highlights to my days.  Thank you so much!
- Par taked in a 2 day, 5 family, yard sale this past week and made out phenomenally!  Just when I think we can use some of it for house things, the Hubs picks us up at the end of the day saying he got laid off, talk about an immediate hitting bottom.
- I had a breakdown with my weight last week - here's to my journey to a new me! More on that to come.
- My "baby" is turning 4 in exactly one week.  When did that happen, it can't be possible that I have a 4 year old!!!
- Having a blast planning her kid only bowling party and then grandparent party - Toy Story themed of course, can't wait to share the goodies we are doing.
- The Hubs got called back temporarily for a few days to cover someone on vacation or longer.  Let's pray & hope it's the longer.
- I was able to finally pull out my fall decorations - can't wait to share them!
- We've officially started letting Avalynn cry through her night time waking - she's 7 months, slept through the night Saturday night, ever since then I just let her CIO.  Seriously - I feel like a new mama in the mornings - who knew what a night in your bed could do, even if I'm interrupted by her CIO sessions, it's still better then getting up with her for the 30+ mins.


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Kimberlee said...

Good job on the CIO. I still haven't been able to do that, and Ms. Diva is now 11 months old. I just get up, give her the bottle, and spend a 'few' minutes on the web.