Finally - Have a computer again.

So - I've been without a working computer for almost 2 weeks!  Had to take the desktop to Geek Squad because it decided to be wonky after a power outage and wouldn't load the start-up screen.  I was able to use our lovely tempermental laptop, mostly for emails though, so it could have been a stronger computer withdraw, then what I went through.

Hubby started his OT schedule last Monday.  Didn't realize how lonely it would be with him working everyday.  He comes home, we eat dinner, get about 30 mins time with Emma and then he crashes.  Counting down to Thanksgiving since that will be his first day off.

Speaking of Hubby's OT schedule - Miss Emma decided to really push her limits last week.  Whew - I do NOT know what happened to my sweet little girl.  Thankfully, MIL & FIL offered to take her overnight Friday and most of Saturday.  It was a much needed and grateful mental break for me!  I'm glad to say she seems to be back to her normal self the past 3 days.  She had a blast Trick-or-Treating.  Will post pics later this week.

Today I've reached a milestone.  I'm officially in the 3rd Trimester!!!  It feels like it's taken forever and flown by all at the same time.  I'm just beyond glad that I can actually say I'm in the 3rd trimester after previous losses, it's such a great feeling! 

Also - This THURSDAY will be having a Yoplait Review & GiveawayMore details Thursday!

And since we are in November I wanted to do a little thing of what I'm thankful everyday until Thanksgiving.  I saw through my blogroll that Amanda @ Serenity Now is having a Thankful Party.  Go check it out if you want to participate.

Since I'm a little late am going to do my first 3 things here.

#1 - I'm thankful for Hubby having a job.  Construction work through the union has been non-existant it seems lately.  He was laid off for a little over 4 months this past spring/summer.  This has been the longest layoff we've seen.  And I'm beyond thankful that he is working at the job he has now and for the steady income.

#2 - That Emma has stayed in her room for "quiet/nap time" the past two days, working on the 3rd right now, and has actually taken a nap.  Which she didn't at all last week.  And that she is listening to me this week.

#3 - Gramma has finished her chemo & radiation treatments. She had her bloodwork checked and met with her Dr. this past Friday.  The Dr. said everything looks good and she has high hopes that the treatments worked.  We won't find out to what degree until January, Gramma doesn't wants to enjoy the holidays, and if it's bad news then that would put a damper on things.


Mommy of Many said...

I understand the thankfulness that comes with having your daughter actually stay in her room for nap time. I will keep your Gramma in my prayers.
Cute Blog!
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All My Monkeys said...

Sweet blog. I love your header.

April said...

Congrats on being my 600th follower!!!!!!!!!!