Wedding, Flower Girl and Princes...

Where oh where has the time gone? My baby girl was in her 1st wedding this past Saturday as the flower girl. She did great at her job. Loved being dressed as a "princess" and walking down the aisle with her "prince". Although she has this funny notion in her head lately that she needs to get married! I tell you, I'm not ready for that. I tell her not until she's as old as mommy. But she sometimes forgets, like the morning of she told me that Jamie was getting married and then she was going to get married. I politely reminded her, that her only job that day was to be the flower girl.  Here she is the night of the rehearsal looking so excited and happy.  Would like to say CONGRATULATIONS Mr. & Mrs. Nace, I hope your having a lovely time on your honeymoon!!!

One thing I love about weddings, and I've had my fair share over the past 2 years, with attending 8 of them, is listening to the vows again.  It's always a nice reminder for me anyways and feeling the renewed love towards the Hubs.  When your in that moment on your wedding day, everything sort-of becomes a blur, your worried about tripping up over the words etc.  But as a guest we get to really take in the meaning of those words.  In my one mom group the topic came up over the weekend about still having that "new love" feeling with our hubby's.  I know I still get that little drop in my stomach sometimes.  I asked the Hubs last night on the way home if he still did at all, curious to his answer and was pleasantly pleased when he said he did. 

Do you still get those little tingly's, pitt in your stomach, buttterflies, little moments with your significant other?  Has he done anything lately for you to have that fall in love all over again moment lately?

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