Thankful Tidbits

I've gotten a little behind on these, now to catch up.

#11 - For having great & supportive friends in real life and on-line.

#12 - For mom's who look out for the other kids in play areas when some of the kids are unsupervised.

#13 - For a clean house.

#14 - For my mother-in-law tagging with me to the wedding to help me out with the little one, since Hubby had to work.

#15 - Making our professional picture appt and getting the date I wanted, last year I waited too long and we couldn't get them done.

#16 - Dove Peppermint Bark chocolates - they hit the spot yesterday after the day I had with little one.

#17 - Little one is taking a nap.  MUCH needed after the busy 4 days we've had, plus no naps, which has made a cranky little princess.

I aslo wanted to share about Free 100 Photo's from Snapfish that I've seen a few people blog about and post about in my mom group.  Is good TODAY ONLY until Midnight, with $5 purchase, enter code: FREE5 for 100 Free 4x6 prints! 

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