Well, we made it out alive...

The final day of the Hubs 4 day long weekend and we are re-cooperating.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with both sides of the family.  Turns out we were able to see New Moon (it was up in the air because of the showing times) I won't gush too much, but O-EM-GEEEE compared to Twilight movie!!! 

Then Black Friday, aka BF, morning came upon us.  Unfortunately, it now seems I'm entering the wide awake at random hours in the middle of the night phase of the pregnancy.  Oh JOY - not really, since 2:55am rolled around and I just laid there until the 4am alarm clock went off to wake up Hubs.  I'm no newbie to BF shopping.  I consider myself entering into the veteran stages.  Done the complete all-nighters going to the midnight openings before and shopping through the day no problem.  But this year - I made a tragic mistake in the route I had planned for the Hubs and me to hit that morning.  Here is what I've learned:

  • Never, EVER go to Walmart 1st thing!  Really, no matter what kind of deals you think you're getting, they are not worth that headache.  BUT, if you do decide to enter that mayhem remember this
    • You do not need a cart.  I'm telling you, you really don't.  Especially if you are going to a highly traffic area, for example - toys or electronics. 
    • Make a plan of attack with your shopping partner.  You have those top items on your list, split them up and take a deep breath before heading into the Jungle.  Make sure your wearing ears and eyes are open to everything, because it can get nasty in there.
    • Do a quick scan of the shelves when looking for what you want (because really - you want to get out of that area asap) and make sure to check end caps and other random places for the really good priced deals, because that's where they will be.  Or just look for the people leaping over one another or throwing punches (yes I witnessed this on Friday).
    • Once you are able to meet up with your partner and navigate your way through the crush of carts and people that just seem to be standing still, see they really didn't need that cart to push just one measly item in it!  Send him to the checkout area, while you grab a couple last minute items in other non crazy areas of the store, this way they can scout which lines are moving faster/less people etc.  By the time you finish grabbing stuff that's on your list, there's only 2 people ahead of you in the check out - sweet!
  • As your rush out of that 1st place, you are pleased to see your doing great on time/schedule and will be able to make the next store opening with a few minutes to spare.  
  • There's really no need to stand in line, unless of course you get a free gift card for the first "x" amount of people.  Couple minutes before opening time, walk to the end of the line and then you should be in and through the door within a minute - I'm telling you people, the lines move fast!  
  • Continue on your route, plan and attack each store with your partner and you'll be done in no time at all.  
Perhaps it was because the 1st place we went to was so HORRIBLE but the rest of the stores seemed like cake compared to Walmart.   Hubs and me agreed - never ever again (oh yes, I'm saying the never word) will we go to an opening for Walmart on BF, not worth it at all. 

And in the end we are 3/4's of the way finished with our list.  I was pleased with the prices we got on all of our purchases, we're well within the budget I set and will still be once we finish up the last few people we need to buy for.  That feels even better!

I'm working through all of the new followers and comments I've gotten this week, should be caught up and back on track in the next day or two.  Hope everyone enjoys the end of their weekends!

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