Christmas Bug - is biting a little early this year.

This is my absolute favorite holiday of all time.  I normally am patient enough to wait until after Thanksgiving/Black Friday before decorating/baking/listening to Christmas music.  That Saturday I always have the Hubs drag up all of the decor and spend the weekend decorating.  And we never start the shopping until Black Friday (where we get 90%) of it all bought for everyone on our list.  But this year, I just can't seem to help myself, perhaps it's because I've been out running around more than normal that I'm seeing all of the decorations and stores ready for the holidays. 

Yesterday little one and me packed away all of the fall decor/everyday decor and really cleaned.  This morning I started bringing up a few items from the basement and setting them out.  I feel a little bad, like I'm cheating on Thanksgiving because really, to be honest -  Thanksgiving is my favorite eating holiday of the year.  I just can't seem to help myself this year.  I'm thinking perhaps it's also having something to do with the little one, she's old enough to really start getting Christmas & Santa.  Speaking of Santa, in case you haven't heard all Macy's locations are have a Santa Letter drop-off box & the bonus, every letter they receive they will donate $1 to the Make-a-Wish foundation up to $1 Million.  How awesome is this?  Little one and me will be writing her letter next week and dropping it off the following week, hopefully to run into less traffic and shoppers. 

This past weekend the Hubs and me started our shopping too, only a little earlier than normal.  Waiting for the majority of it this Friday but since it was just the two of us, decided to get a jump start on a few things.  Plus decided to order our online items this week, to ensure they will arrive on time, items that I can't find in our local stores.  I want to share this amazing on-line company called CSN Stores that approached me to review one of their products.  I'm so excited to share it with you in the next couple weeks, the cost is great and an excellent idea for anyone on your list!  Do you need some Christmas Decorations for the inside or outside?  Really, go take the time and check this company out.  They have a big selection, great prices and many of their items have guaranteed delivery by Dec. 24th. 

Thankful Tidbits

#19 - the Hubs made it through the 1st round of layoffs on his job.

#20 - For the wonderful cuddly day I had with little one.

#21 - Date night with the hubs, long long overdue, dinner and some shopping.  Little one stayed the night with the in-laws.

#22 - Seeing the joy in little one's face when I met her for lunch today and to take her home with me. 

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