Happy Thanksgiving

Ahhh - the day is finally here!!! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, hope you are spending it with your loved ones and taking a moment to think about your thankful things today and enjoying all of the yummy food that will be prepared today. 

Thankful Tidbits

#24 - my family putting up with my crazy pregnant moods lately and understanding everything.

#25 - That my family, our extended families & friends are all healthy and we get another year to celebrate.  It's been a rough year between my Dad's accident in March (falling 20 feet from a tree and being in the ICU for 2 months), Gramma's cancer back and her treatments, plus with the Hubs and me still having 4 sets of grandparents alive, I cherish these years even more, because I'm afraid of how many more we only have with them.

#26 - Even though I'm up much earlier than I'd like, I'm thankful for the Hubs being in bed with me this morning instead of already off to work by 5am.  And little one is still sleeping, normally she'd be hoping into bed with me about this time.

To whoever will be out with the crazies (like me and the Hubs) tomorrow between 4-5am, I hope you find the deals you want and get what you want too, even if you have to fight for it!  Lols.  :: shudders ::  We're actually going to attempt WalMart this year, I'm picturing a stampede. 

I have much blog catching up to do & promise to return the comment love and follower's etc later this week after the crazy-ness of the next 3 days. 

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