Yoplait Review - Giveaway

Thanks to MyBlogSpark I was offered the opportunity to try out Yoplait Kids Yogurt and we got a More Fun prize pack with it.  Little one and me headed to the store and I let her pick out which one she wanted.  They have a variety of flavors between their yogurt drinks & yogurt such as, strawberry-banana, vanilla, peach, mixed berry etc.  She picked the strawberry-banana/peach combo pack.  We came home and she had that for her snack.  We both tried it and both thought they were really yummy!  

Here's some info from the company.  Yoplait Kids yogurt is the perfect solution with 25% less sugar than the leading kids' yogurt.  With its thick and creamy texture that will hug your little one's spoon, you won't have to worry about a sticky mess to clean up afterwards.  It also contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors, so you can feel good about serving it to your kids. 

In addition, Yoplait Kids is a good source of vitamin D and, according to two new studies that provide the first national assessment of the crucial nutrient in young Americans, millions of U.S. children have disturbingly low vitamin D levels, possibly increasing their risk for a variety of health concerns, including bone problems. About 7.6 million children, adolescents, and young adults have vitamin D levels so low they could be considered deficient. It can be challenging for growing kids to get enough vitamin D because this nutrient is only found naturally in very few foods; however Yoplait Kids makes it a little easier to incorporate a delicious source of vitamin D and calcium in your child’s diet. 

I get to giveaway 2 prize packs to my readers.  You'll recieve a coupon for a Yoplait Kids yogurt, a travel cooler (to take your yogurt on-the-go), a fun spoon that changes colors in warm water, a reusable place mat with games to keep the kids happy while snacking, and a fuzzy tangle  puzzle for some after-snack fun.

To ENTER for your chance to win - leave a comment about how you make snack time fun for your kids or some of your favorite snacks when you were a kid.  If you don't have a blog, please leave your email address so I can contact you if you are a winner.   

The winner will be chosen Sunday, November 8th, @ 7pm eastern time.


Pineapple Princess said...

So enjoying your wonderful blog! I'm a new follower!

We love all kinds of snacks at our house- yogurt included!

My fav snack growing up was Jiffy Pop, and we would sneak it into the movies. Ah! Good times!

Becky Smith said...

I enjoyed coming by your blog. Your daughter is darling and I loved the Mr. Pumpkin Head display!

Sara Lou said...

I Love snacks!
My new favorite thing to do is to drop graham-cracker "figures" into the yogurt. My younger daughter wasn't eating all her yogurt and I hate wasting... so we stirred in graham-fishies and she LOVED hunting for them.
(& she finished her yogurt!)


Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

We love celery with peanut butter and raisins on top. We call them Ants on a Log.

Stopping by from SITS. So glad I found you.

Christina Rodrigues said...