Twilight Aftermath

**Warning!!!** - This is my opinion on the Twilight movie, if you don't want to know about it etc, then please stop reading now.

So, last night we arrived at the theater, redeemed our online tickets, got the popcorn and soda and headed into the packed theater. I was nervous about seating, but we snagged the last 3 seats in the upper section thank goodness. For all of you Harry Potter fans they show a trailer for the new one, it looks good, and says it's coming out in July. Ok, so for my take on the movie, overall I thought it was good. I loved some parts, others were really cheesy in my opionion, some disappoint with how they showed some things and left certain things out that I would have loved to see. Loved Edward, he was played very well by Rob P. Some of the other characters grew on me, not what I pictured at all for some of the characters so it was interesting to see their take. Was disappointed with the lack of roles Emmett and Jasper seemed to have in the movie. Anyone else feel like that? What are your thoughts?

I must go get the little one and myself dressed to run some errands. Have a wedding to go to this afternoon/evening so I'm hoping tonight or tomorrow can play catch up on here. I know I have lots of comment love to return everyone! :o)

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Deann said...

Sounds like a good time!! Thanks for my play by play last night..LOL! I think I'll be okay now to wait for the DVD :) I'm glad y'all had a good time!!!