Thursday Thirteen

Todays Theme is outdated/dumb laws in Pennsylvania.

1. No singing in the bathtub.
2. Housewives should clean properly law.
3. 16 Women per house limit!
4. No nap on the fridge law.
5. No getting married drunk!
6. No public woodys allowed in Allentown.
7. Illegal to wear cosmetics.
8. Fire hydrant check-up law.
9. No horses on parking meters.
10. The anti backwards eating peanut law.
11. No donkeys on the trolley cars.
12. Don't shoot stray dogs.
13. Motorists, light off a rocket every 10 miles.


marina said...

where in the world did you find this stuff. it's sooo great! i would be locked up for 2, for ever!!!
check out our 13:)

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Deann said...

That's too funny!!

Katrina said...

Great list! Happy TT!

Jenn said...

Those silly laws always crack me up. We have some crazy ones here in Michigan too.

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh My...I would hate to be the one to have enforce the no singing in the bathtub law. Too Funny!

Debbie said...

Pretty funny. Although I don't know that #5 is a bad law to have, just hard to enforce!

Always Been Different said...


I wonder how many people have broken law #5

Happy TT!

Nicholas said...

That 16 women per house law, doe it mean a maximum of 16 per house, or that you have to have 16 in your house? I wonder if the police there have a dedicated anti-bathtub singing squad.

Maggii said...

I always love reading these....you have to wonder how some of the laws came into fruition? What possessed anyone to decide singing in bathtubs should be illegal?....probably some guy with a tone deaf wife or something..LOL

Meaghan said...

Stopping by to invite you to my giveaway!


marina said...

Gave you a shout out on our blog!

Anonymous said...

Haha...no woodys in public--I think that one should stick around! :) Thanks for coming by last week for my Target gift card giveaway. Sorry you didn't win--I wish EVERYONE could win! I'm thinking on doing another one in December! Thanks again!