Oh, How I love me some

shopping sale goodness and crafting goodness. My mom gave me a 30% off coupon for Old Navy this week which was good for this weekend. So, we went to get little one her winter coat and see what other goodies we could find. We ending up finding a whole snow suit, winter coat, snow pants, some boots, and then we each got some tops. Saved $65 between the coupon and in store deals. I love finding deals!!! Here's my little snow bunny all ready for Jack Frost to come a-knocking.
Daddy putting on all of the attire.

Big smiles for mommy, while sitting down to get her new boots on.

Running around, being goofy!

And the holiday bug has hit even though I won't allow myself to pull stuff out for decorating yet. I saw these ornaments last year and really wanted to do some this year. My mom found two 4 packs at a yardsale for $1, so she parted with them and gave them to me. My tip though to anyone wanting to do them, I used a pencil at first, but then I couldn't get them rolled small enough with the thicker paper to fit through the opening, so switched to a toothpick, and they stay more tightly wrapped this way also.




Deann said...

OMG how cute is she!!! Love those pics!!

The ornaments turned out so cute!! Can't wait to see pics of your house all decorated :)

Jamie said...

Those are cute, what a good idea! And I LOVE sales too, you go girl on saving $65, hehe.

Shanda said...

I love how excited little ones get over new coats and boots! Enjoy these fun moments!!

Popped over from SITS - have a great Sunday!

Zen Ventures said...

I LOVE OLD NAVY too! you're so lucky to get those discounts! yay! You make me think abt shopping now and its' your fault! lol! btw, your little one is sooo cute!


jen.at.work said...

oh oh oh! I had that same 30% coupon and I spent waaaaaaaaaaaay to much (on myself) at the GAP.
love the snow suit on your little one.

love from SITS

Nimue926 said...

I have never seen ornaments made this way before. They are SO cute!! I think I will have to buy some make down balls after Christmas and make some for next year.