Ahhh, the memories...

that will always be in her first room. The moments spent there rocking her, playing, the decor, getting the nursery all ready and set up. Well, here are the before pictures of Miss Emma's nursery room and some after's on her almost finished painted big girls room. Granted there is much to do yet until it's finished, but I want to search for just the perfect items so my goal is to have it all done by January. See what kinds of things she gets for christmas before going out to get it all.





Helping Out:


And the After Product So Far:





Danielle said...

What a beautiful room make-over!

THanks for stopping by my site...that is one cute kid you have!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm stopping by from SITS today! My daughter had a dormer room when she was little too and my husband was constantly conking his head on the ceiling. lol. I loved that room because it had so much character!

Nimue926 said...

What a beautiful room. I miss the girlie stuff. My "little" girl is 16 now =(

Deann said...

Beautiful!! I love the color that you chose!!!

merc3069 said...

I really like the room! I think Noa has a cute room, too,---maybe I should figure out a way to put her pics up?;-)