I Just want to Shout from the rooftops

That I VOTED! Woo-hoo! It's really just an awesome feeling being able to go out and vote. This is technically my second presidential vote, but the first time for actually going to a polling place and voting on a machine. The first time I did an absentee ballot because I was away at college. Although I was a little disappointed because I wanted a sticker that said I voted. Emma went along, Kristina took her to her booth with her. I'm glad that I'm taking her along to these things so she can see first hand. As she gets older she'll appreciate it more. If you haven't yet, go look up your polling place if you are unsure and vote! There are several hours left yet.

And when I got in my van to go pick up my sister, I noticed that my tire pressure sensor was on, so had to go fill that with air. Another first, since the hubs always takes care of that kind of stuff for me. After voting we headed to Salval and I got some pieces that need some TLC and makeover. I'm excited to delve into those projects in the next couple weeks! Still thinking and tossing around ideas though. Will post some before's and after's when I have them done.

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Deann said...

YAY!! We voted too! This was Brady's second time to go, though the first time he was still in my belly..LOL!!

Can't wait to see the pieces you got to redo!