Mish-Mash Monday

Do you believe people are basically good?
- Yes I do.

If you could change the custom of shaking hands, what would you replace it with? - I wouldn't change it. I like shaking hands, you can tell a lot about someone with how they shake your hand.

What is something that you enjoy that is a chore for most other people? - Hmmm...this would be a toss between vacuuming and washing dishes (althought hate cleaning the kitchen and putting away clean dishes). Both of them are pretty mindless tasks, where I can just blast some music and think about stuff.

In other news, we got ambitious yesterday with the hubs painting Emma's new room/our old, and decided to invite over the IL's and have them help move all of her furtinure up and ours down. He has three more coats of paint to do on the ceilings before her room is finished completely with just the paint. Then it comes to time of unpacking and getting some nice organization things for her toys and books. Our new room will not be painted for another 2 weeks probably. Will just definitely be happy when I don't have to look at zoo animals. I took some before pictures and will head up there this afternoon to take some afters of the paint. Just keep in mind these are not finished products! :o)

Ok, well I really must wrap this up because I need to get ready to head to the visitation before little C.J.D's funeral @ 11. And to the post office to mail my favorite things swap. Pictures will be following this afternoon during nap.

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